A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell (a short story for intermediate level)

Part 3 (in English).

Words for you:

  • notify — let the police know (известить)
  • unconcerned – indifferently (равнодушно)
  • strangle – kill smb by squeezing their throat tightly so that they cannot breathe (задушил)
  • sleep sound – sleep deep so nothing can wake you up (крепко спать)
  • coroner – следователь

She was still sitting that same way.

‘Has anybody been notified?’ I asked. ‘No,’ says she, unconcerned.

«‘Who did this, Mrs. Wright?’ said Harry. ‘I don’t know,’ she says. ‘You don’t know?’ says Harry. ‘Weren’t you sleeping in the bed with him?’ ‘Yes,’ says she, ‘but I was on the inside.’ ‘Somebody slipped a rope round his neck and strangled him, and you didn’t wake up?’ says Harry. ‘I didn’t wake up,’ she said after him.

A minute later she said, ‘I sleep sound.’”
«Harry was going to ask her more questions, but I said that it wasn’t our business. And Harry went fast as he could over to High Road—the Rivers’ place, where there’s a telephone.»

«And what did she do when she knew you had gone for the coroner?» The attorney got his pencil in his hand all ready for writing.

Part 3 (in Russian)

* * *

Part 3 (in English, continuation)

Words for you:

  • scared – as if being afraid of smth (испуганная)
  • kitchen things – things for cooking, etc. (кухонная утварь: предметы кухонного обихода: посуда и пр.)
  • insignificance – little importance (маловажность, незначительность)
  • fire would go out — stop burning (потухнет)
  • trifles – things of little importance (пустяки)
  • have their hands full – be very busy (очень заняты)

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