Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (adapted for pre-intermediate)

Глава 3. The Man Who Grew Vegetable Marrows

1. Words to remember:

  1. by the way — кстати
  2. on the way to — по дороге
  3. relation — родственник
  4. be engaged — быть помолвленным
  5. foreigner — иностранец
  6. be unable — быть неспособным
  7. find out — разузнать
  8. egg-shaped — яйцевидной формы
  9. moustaches — усы
  10. watchful eyes — наблюдательные глаза
  11. neighbour — сосед
  12. new acquaintance — новый знакомый
  13. receive a legacy — получить наследство
  14. adopted son — приемный сын
  15. nonsense — вздор, бессмыслица
  16. weak in character — слабый (по характеру)
  17. my duty — мой долг
  18. handsome — красивый (о мужчине)
  19. nod one’s head — кивнуть головой
  20. shake one’s head — покачать головой отрицательно

Pay attention to the synonyms:

  • find out = learn
  • be unable= couldn’t
  • beautiful (о жен) = handsome (о муж)
  • receive = get
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Activities to Chapter 3

2. In this chapter you will meet a strange neighbour of James and Caroline Sheppard. He doesn’t talk much. And even Caroline coudn’t get any information about him, except he is a foreigner. He looks and ……behaves very strange.

This is what he looks like:

An egg-shaped head covered with very black hair, very big moustaches, watchful eyes.

Why does he behave strange?

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3. One more description for you.

This man is very handsome. He is six feet tall and has a figure of an athlete. He has dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. He always walks with his head flung back and an easy smilе on his lips. Everybody likes him. His friends are devoted to him. although he is weak in character. He is going to marry a girl he loves but it may cause him trouble.

I hope you have guessed that it is R…..

4. You have read chapter 3 up to the end, right? Ok, answer the question:

What will happen if he marries against his father's will?

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Check yourself if you remember the words—> List of words to chapter 3

Ответы к заданиям для самопроверки —> ПОЛУЧИТЬ

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