Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (adapted for pre-intermediate)

Глава 4. Dinner at Fernly

1. Words to remember:

  1. a study — кабинет
  2. a drawing-room — гостиная
  3. a sliver table — туалетный столик
  4. a glass lid — стеклянная крышка
  5. be engaged — быть помолвленным
  6. blackmail — шантажировать
  7. a blackmailer- шантажист
  8. suspect — подозревать
  9. blue envelope — голубой конверт
  10. a stranger — незнакомец

Стрелка внизActivities to Chapter 4

2. As you know, Roger Ackroyd has invited Dr. Sheppard to dine at his house at half past seven. Let us imagine. It is half past seven. The bell rings, the door opens and Parker, the butler, meets Dr. Sheppard, who is wearing his overcoat and carrying a black bag. Buttlers don’t usually talk much and ask questions. There is nothing strange. But strange things are waiting for us.
Check yourself if you remember the words—> List of words to chapter 4
3. Guess what strange things are mentioned in this chapter, in Dr. Sheppard’s opinion. Write your guesses in comments!

* * *

4. Now it is time to remember our characters. Some of them are dead.Write some information about each of them.

Characters of the Story «The Murder of Roger Ackroyd»:

  1. Mrs Ferras –
  2. Mrs Ferras’s husband-
  3. Dr. James Sheppard –
  4. Caroline Sheppard —
  5. Mr. Roger Ackroyd –
  6. Mrs. Ackroyd —
  7. Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd –
  8. Flora Ackroyd —
  9. Ralph Paton –
  10. Miss Russell –
  11. Parker –
  12. Geoffrey Raymond –
  13. Major Blunt –
  14. Hercule Poirot –
5. Let us imagine. It is evening. All people are sitting around a big table. They are talking, eating and laughing. Only one person looks unhappy and eats almost nothing. It is Roger Ackroyd. Then he suddenly stands up and asks Dr. Sheppard to go to his study. There he also behaves very strange. He walks up and down the study, asks Sheppard to see if the window is bolted and the door is closed. Then he says: «I am in hell!» Why? What does he want to confess?

Why does Ackroyd invited Dr. Sheppard to his study?

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* * *

6. I hope you have read the chapter very carefully. Say if it is TRUE or FALSE.

Mrs. Ferrars's husband died a natural death.

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Mrs. Ferrars's husband was poisoned.

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Mrs. Ferrars was poisoned.

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7. It is strange that it happened like that. Make sure that you have understood correctly who poisoned and who was poisoned and write your version of the death of Mr. and Mrs. Ferrars in comments!

8. But what about the blackmailing…. Translate the extract from the story «The Murder of Roger Ackroyd»

К сайту подключен словарь! Перевод слова вы можете уточнить, щелкнув по нему два раза мышкой.

«Can you tell me the whole story?» I said.
«It’s like this. Three months ago I asked Mrs. Ferrars to marry me. She refused. I asked her again, and she agreed, but did not want anybody to know about our engagement before a year passed after her husband’s death. Yesterday I told her that a year had passed. And then — she told me everything. How she hated her husband, how her love for me was growing and what she finally did. Poison! My God! It was murder in cold blood.»
«Yes,» he went on in a low monotonous voice,» she told me everything. There is one person who knows about this murder — and this person has been blackmailing her for huge sums of money.»

«Who is that man?»
«She did not tell me his name,» said Ackroyd slowly.

«As a matter of fact, she did not say that it was a man. Perhaps it was a woman. But of course — »
«Of course,» I agreed. «I am sure it was a man. And you don’t suspect anybody?»
He was silent. «No,» he said, «it can’t be. I must be mad to think of such a thing. No, I won’t tell you whom I suspect — it can’t be so, it’s impossible. But I’ll tell you this: something which she said made me think that the person who blackmailed her was in my house — but no! It is impossible, too. I am sure I did not understand her. She saw that it was a great shock to me and refused to tell me the name of the blackmailer. I suppose she was afraid that I will go and kill him. She asked me to give her twenty-four hours. She told me that I would hear from her. And now she is dead. And it is my fault!»

At that moment doors opens noiselessly and Parker enters. He brings the evening post. Among the newspapers there is a blue envelope. It contains the letter which Mrs. Ferrars had written just before her death. This is it.

Домашнее чтение на английском языке из книги Агаты Кристи

It is just the PART of the letter. At this very interesting moment Roger Ackroyd suddenly stopped reading and asked the doctor to leave him alone. Sheppard insisted but in vain. So, he left the room and closed the door before him. Then he left Fernly Park and went home. It was about 10 minutes to nine.

* * *

Иллюстрация из книги Агаты Кристи The murder of Roger Ackroyd (in English)9. The questions to answer:

  1. Whom did Dr. Sheppard meet just near the door of the study?
  2. What did Dr. Sheppard tell that person?
  3. How many times did the church clock chime when he was going through the gates, coming back home?
  4. Who did he collide with on his way?
  5. What did the stranger ask him and what was special about his voice and appearance?
  6. What happened when Dr. Sheppard came home?

Write your answers in comments!

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