Edgar Poe. The Black Cat (in English, adapted for intermediate)

The Black Cat by Edgar Poe (adapted for intermediate)Короткий рассказ «The Black Cat» (Черный кот) известного американского писателя Эдгара По  относится к жанру horror stories. Это страшная история про кота, рассказанная от имени ожидающего смерти убийцы своей жены. Эта история о том, как добрый человек, любивший животных, под влиянием алкоголя постепенно превращается в садиста, а затем убийцу. Этот рассказ  имеет сходство с рассказом Сердце-обличитель, в котором человек, совершивший преступление, сам не позволяет себе остаться безнаказанным и в порыве безрассудства выдает себя. Рассказ «Черный кот»  предлагается для чтения на английском языке также и в более упрощенном варианте —Edgar Poe. The Black Cat (for pre-intermediate)

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Edgar Poe. The Black Cat (a horror story in English for pre-intermediate, 1843)

"The Black Cat" by Edgar Poe for intermediateEnjoy reading the most well-known short story by Edgar Poe «The Black Cat». This is a horror story about a man who was becoming evil under the influence of drinking alchohol. Through life his character changed completely and in the end he became the murderer. At first he killed his favourite pet, the black cat, but the dead cat started to take revenge … In the end it helped to reveal the most cruel murder.

The story is adapted for beginners and is easy to read. While reading online, you can translate the words you don’t know. Just click on any word to see its Russian translation. Enjoy learning English through the classics!

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A Horror Story by Edgar Poe (in English with Russian translation, adapted for intermediate)

Страшная история Эдгара По «The Tell-Tale Heart» на русском языке (адаптированный вариант)

Читать на английском языке (level intermediate) — A Horror Story by Edgar Poe. The Tell-Tale Heart (in English, adapted for intermediate)

A Horror Story by Edgar Poe. The Tell-Tale Heart (in English, for intermediate)

Horror stories by Edgar PoeThis horror story «The Tell-Tale Heart» by Edgar Poe is one of my favourite ones. It is a little bit crazy and very tensive.

The plot of the story is rather simple. Two people, a young one and an old one, lived together. The young man helped the old man to keep the house. But with time the old man started to irritate the young. It was his pale blue eye that made him mad.  What happpened in the end you will know when you read the story.

The story is adapted for the intermediate level and now you can enjoy it, reading online. But you can read the story in the original — Edgar Poe «The Tell-Tale Heart» (in the original)

Good luck with learning English through horror stories by Edgar Poe.

English Words for the Story «The Tell-Tale Heart» (advanced level)

English words for the advanced levelThese are three lists of English words for the advanced level to the creepy story by Edgar Allan Poe «The Tell-Tale Heart» (in the original). Try to learn them. But bear in mind, that the words are rather difficult, so if have done your best but couldn’t remember all of them, never mind. Write the most difficult words on the paper and have a look while listening the story. But don’t be nervous if you have missed a word or couldn’t understand something. Listen for the main idea. Try to feel it. Good luck!

Read and listen to the Story «The Tell-Tale Heart» by E. A. Poe (part 1, in the original)

Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven (in Russian and in English)

Эдгар По. Ворон (лучшие переводы на русский язык)Если Вы когда-либо оставались один в доме, то, возможно, тоже обращали внимание на странные стуки, которые начинают раздаваться, когда стемнеет. Представьте ночь, стоит полная тишина, и вдруг раздается стук, потом еще и еще…  Страшно? Да нет, ничего страшного! Это просто птицы бегают по крыше дома и стучат по ней своими клювами. Я сама часто слышу такие стуки по ночам. Однако вот какое стихотворение придумал, услышав подобные стуки, известный американский писатель — романтик Эдгар По. Cлучилась эта темная история в 1844 году.

Edgar Allan Poe. The Tell-Tale Heart (in English, in the original)

Edgar Allan Poe. The Tell Tale HeartRead and listen the creepy story by Edgar Allan Poe, which was written in the year of 1843. The story is read by Bryan Reid. I was really gripped by his voice. Great thanks))) It takes only 18 minutes to listen and I am sure you will be able to stop. Also you can enjoy the screen version (1941). Despite the year of the production and the black and white screening, it is really worth watching.

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