Английский с Конан Дойлем. Урок 3.


1. Изучите список английских слов и посмотрите эпизод 3 —> Episode 3

2. After the death of Sir Charles some people became rich. Answer the question. How much money did they get?

The Barrymores got

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Dr. Mortimer got

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3. Ответьте на вопросы:

2. What is true about the convict (escape)?

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3. Who got money after Sir Charles’ death?

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Если вы ПЛОХО ПОНЯЛИ, о чем говорят Шерлок Холмс, сэр Генри Баскервиль, доктор Ватсон и доктор Мортимер в этом эпизоде или так и НЕ УСЛЫШАЛИ в их речи слова из списка, прочитайте и переведите предложения с этими словами ниже:

Scene 1. There is a Convict

Dr. Watson: There is a convict <…>.

Sherlock Holmes: Not an ordinary convict. This man would stick at nothing.

Sir Henry: Why was he not hanged?

Sherlock Holmes: Because at the time of the crime he was 16 years old.

* * *

Scene 2. Who is the Man with a Black Beard?

Sherlock Holmes: Is there among your neighbours in Dartmoor any man with a black beard?

Dr. Mortimer: Yes, Sir Charles`s butler, the Barrymore.

* * *

Scene 3. The Money is Involved

Dr. Mortimer: I also had money left to me.

Sherlock Holmes:How much money?

Dr. Mortimer: Five thousand pounds.

Sherlock Holmes: And anyone else?

Dr. Mortimer: You know the residue all went to sir Henry.

Sherlock Holmes: And how much was the residue?

Dr. Mortimer: <….> a million pounds

Sherlock Holmes: Indeed! I had no idea such a sum was involved!

Вы можете посмотреть эпизод 3 еще раз  —-> Episode 3

3. Сделайте упражнения к эпизоду:

Exercise 1. Fill in the essential words into the gaps.  Вставьте слова, которые Вы услышали  в текст с пропусками:

— We have to _______, Sir Henry, whether you should go to Baskerville Hall or not.

— There is no _____……that can prevent me from going to the land of my own people.

— Good for you. When would you go? -_____________

— You will not go ___________. — Dr. Mortimer would go with me.

— The doctor Mortimer is a __________ man and his ___________is miles from yours.  No, Sir Henry.


— Report the ________ to me. Anything. Anything.

  Проверьте себя ——> здесь

Exercise 2. Answer the questions.

1) Who will go to Baskerville Hall with Sir Henry?

2) What did Sherlock Holmes told Sir Henry before his leaving?

3) What is Princetown?

4) Why did the cabman attack Sherlock Holmes?

5) Who was a man with a black beard according to the cabman’s words?

6) Who were the people in the photo?

Смотрим фильм дальше  —> The Hound of the Baskervilles. Part 4

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