Английский с Конан Дойлем. Урок 4.

1) Изучите самостоятельно список английских слов и посмотрите эпизод —> Episode 4

2) Answer the questions to episode 4

  1. Did Sir Henry and Dr. Watson like the house?
  2. What strange thing happened in the night?
  3. Who was the man Dr. Watson met on the moor?
  4. What strange sound did they hear on the moor?
  5. Who did the lady think she was speaking to?

Extracts from the original text «The Hound of Baskerville» to check yourself.

At the Baskerville Hall

We talked little, and I for one was glad when the meal was over and we were able to retire into the modern billiard-room and smoke a cigarette. «My word, it isn’t a very cheerful place,» said Sir Henry. «I suppose one can tone down to it, but I feel a bit out of the picture at present. I don’t wonder that my uncle got a little jumpy if he lived all alone in such a house as this. However, if it suits you, we will retire early to-night, and perhaps things may seem more cheerful in the morning.»

What words help us to guess the answer? (3)

A Strange Sound in the Night

And then suddenly, in the very dead of the night, there came a sound to my ears, clear, resonant, and unmistakable. It was the sob of a woman, the muffled, strangling gasp of one who is torn by an uncontrollable sorrow. I sat up in bed and listened intently. The noise could not have been far away and was certainly in the house. For half an hour I waited with every nerve on the alert, but there came no other sound save the chiming clock and the rustle of the ivy on the wall.

Find the sentence in the paragraph which says what happened.

The Man on the Moor

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of running feet behind me and by a voice which called me by name. I turned, expecting to see Dr. Mortimer, but to my surprise it was a stranger who was pursuing me. He was a small, slim, clean-shaven, prim-faced man, flaxen-haired and leanjawed, between thirty and forty years of age, dressed in a gray suit and wearing a straw hat. A tin box for botanical specimens hung over his shoulder and he carried a green butterfly-net in one of his hands. «You will, I am sure, excuse my presumption, Dr. Watson,» said he as he came panting up to where I stood. «Here on the moor we are homely folk and do not wait for formal introductions. You may possibly have heard my name from our mutual friend, Mortimer. I am Stapleton, of Merripit House.»

What was the name of the person? What did he look like?

The Sound on the Moor

«Halloa!» I cried. «What is that?» A long, low moan, indescribably sad, swept over the moor. It filled the whole air, and yet it was impossible to say whence it came. From a dull murmur it swelled into a deep roar, and then sank back into a melancholy, throbbing murmur once again. Stapleton looked at me with a curious expression in his face. «Queer place, the moor!» said he. «But what is it?» «The peasants say it is the Hound of the Baskervilles calling for its prey. I’ve heard it once or twice before, but never quite so loud.»

What was the sound like?

The Wrong Addressee

«Go back!» she said. «Go straight back to London, instantly.» I could only stare at her in stupid surprise. Her eyes blazed at me, and she tapped the ground impatiently with her foot. «Why should I go back?» I asked. «I cannot explain.» She spoke in a low, eager voice, with a curious lisp in her utterance. «But for God’s sake do what I ask you. Go back and never set foot upon the moor again.» «But I have only just come.» «Man, man!» she cried. «Can you not tell when a warning is for your own good? Go back to London! Start to-night! Get away from this place at all costs! Hush, my brother is coming! Not a word of what I have said.

The lady, Mr Stapleton, took Dr. Watson for another person. She thought she was talking to….. Who did she take Dr. Watson for?
The answers to check yourself—> here TO BE CONTINUED SOON

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