Thomas Hardy. Absent-Mindedness in a Parish Choir (in English, in the original)

It happened on Sunday after Christmas — the last Sunday ever they played in Longpuddle church gallery, as it turned out, though they didn’t know it then. As you may know, sir, the players formed a very good band — almost as good as the Mellstock parish players that were led by the Dewys; and that’s saying a great deal. There was Nicholas Puddingcome, the leader, with the first fiddle; there was Timothy Thomas, the bass-viol man; John Biles, the tenor fiddler; Daniel Hornhead, with the serpent; Robert Dowdle, with the clarionet; and Mr. Nicks, with the oboe — all sound and powerful musicians, and strong-winded men — they that blowed.

Enjoy this story in Russian (two translations) —> Томас Гарди. Сумасшедшая ночь в церкви

Томас Гарди. Сумасшедшая ночь в церкви

Когда-то для исполнения рождественских гимнов или хоралов в церковь приглашали музыкантов. Так вот однажды случилась вот что… Читайте онлайн на русском языке историю Томаса Гарди «Сумаcшедшая ночь в церкви». Веселая однако история…

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Thomas Hardy. On the Western Circuit (for upper-intermediate)

On the Western Circuit ( a love story by Thomas Hardy )


Love Stories by Thomas Hardy

  • she was not experienced enough to be reserved by art — she didn’t know how to behave with men
  • stuff-gownsman, now going the Western Circuit — a young lawyer, who was travelling on business

A young man was standing in front of the ancient cathedral in the city of Melchester. It was an October evening. The walls of the cathedral were not seen, but they reflected sounds of the street leading from the city square. It was getting dark and he decided to put off till the next morning his attempt to examine the deserted building and went along the street towards the square full of the noise and shouts.

The market square was occupied by the fair. In the centre of it there was a large steam roundabout. Lighting a short pipe, and putting his hat on one side and one hand in his pocket, he went towards it.

Thomas Hardy. To Please His Wife (for upper-intermediate)

Thomas Hardy. To please his wife (in English for upper-intermediate)Мы продолжаем чтение английской классики и на этот раз предлагаем вам начать читать рассказы Томаса Гарди, последнего писателя Викторианской эпохи. Прочитав рассказ «В угоду жене», который адаптирован до уровня «средний», вы узнаете, чем заканчивается замужество «не по любви», к чему приводит зависть и что можно принести в жертву, желая жить «не хуже других»…  Довольно современная история. Не сильно изменился мир, а ведь прошло уже более 200 лет, рассказ написан в 1894 году. Итак, продолжаем читать классику на английском языке. И, конечно, изучать английский язык. Присоединяйтесь!