Edgar Poe. The Black Cat (in English, adapted for intermediate)

Page 5. Words to know:

  1. bosom — грудь
  2. rap — ударить
  3. sobbing — всхлипывания
  4. scream — пронзительный крик
  5. spectators — зрители
  6. rotten — разлагающийся
Слова, которые встречались ранее. Постарайтесь вспомнить их перевод:

search for, suffer from (sufferer), creature, irritated (irritation), deed, guilty, corpse, hideous

But on the fourth day the police came into the house and started again to search it everywhere. I felt no fear however. I was calm. For the third or fourth time they went into the cellar. My heart beat calmly as I stood still with my arms folded upon my bosom. The police found nothing and prepared to leave. The happiness at my heart was so great that cannot but say a word of triumph.

«Gentlemen,» I said, «I am happy that you find me not guilty. I wish you all health. By the way, gentlemen, this—this is a very good old house. These walls are made of bricks and … Are you going, gentlemen?» and then I didn’t understand why I rapped heavily on that very part of the brick wall behind which stood the corpse of the wife.

A quiet cry like the sobbing of a child was heard from within the tomb! The cry quickly turned into a long, loud and continuous scream, half of horror and half of triumph, which seemed to come out of hell!

For a moment the party stand still. In the next, a dozen arms were working at the wall. The corpse already rotten came before the eyes of the spectators. Upon its head sat the hideous one-eyed beast. I had walled the cat up with the corpse!

The End



4 thoughts on “Edgar Poe. The Black Cat (in English, adapted for intermediate)
  1. Саша says:

    Добавьте еще книги новых авторов. Недавно прочитал серию о путешествиях Lewis Foreman. Мне понравилось оформление и повторение слов в рассказах.

    • Tatiana says:

      Здравствуйте! Рада, что вы читаете истории на сайте) Каждый рассказ мы адаптируем сами, поэтому добавить книги не так просто!

  2. Алексей says:

    Спасибо вам за истории!

    • Tatiana says:

      Спасибо вам, что читаете!

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