English Subtitles to the BBC Movie Great Expectations (episode 1, text)

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Great Expectations BBC

We are glad to present to you the text of English Subtitles to Great Expectation (the film based on the novel by Charles Dickens). The subtitles are in the form of a text and divided into scenes.

To get ascess to subtitles to the three Episodes costs only 100 roubles (about 2 dollars).

You can download srt.file for free.

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English Subtitles to Great Expectations BBC 2011

The Text of English Subtitles to Great Expectations (Episode 1)

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* * *

o So, the young gentleman of expectations arrives in London. Not quite the finished articles, but you will be.
o You are very late, Mr Drummle!
o Sir. You’ve no call to lay hands on me.
o Who’s there?
o Breeding, bloodlines and proven provenance.

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