Sarah Jewett. A White Heron (an English story in the original)

An English story to read online in the original. A White HeronThis is a romantic story about a lonely country girl who didn’t betray her love for nature for the sake of her love for a young man. It is one of the best stories by the American writer Sarah Jewett, first published in 1886. This nature-themed story is recommended for the English learners who have an advanced level. The story is divided into 9 parts, each has some new words to learn.

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Sherwood Anderson. The Egg (in English, in the original, 1921)

The Egg (a short story in English by Sherwood Anderson)

You can read the same story adapted for the pre-intermediate level — The Egg by Sherwood Anderson (a story in English for pre-intermediate)

Part One

A short story by Sherwood Anderson in the originalMY FATHER was, I am sure, intended by nature to be a cheerful, kindly man. Until he was thirty-four years old he worked as a farmhand for a man named Thomas Butterworth whose place lay near the town of Bidwell, Ohio. He had then a horse of his own and on Saturday evenings drove into town to spend a few hours in social intercourse with other farmhands. In town he drank several glasses of beer and stood about in Ben Head’s saloon—crowded on Saturday evenings with visiting farmhands. Songs were sung and glasses thumped on the bar. At ten o’clock father drove home along a lonely country road, made his horse comfortable for the night and himself went to bed, quite happy in his position in life. He had at that time no notion of trying to rise in the world.