List of words to learn to the book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

This list of words is only for those who read the book «The Murder of Roger Ackroyd» by Agatha Christie. Activate your memory and translate them into Russian. You can check yourself if you click on a word twice.

Chapter 1 «Dr. Sheppard at the Breakfast Table»

Nouns (существительные):

  1. trouble (n)
  2. poison (n)
  3. conclusion (n)
  4. heavy drinking

Adjectives (прилагательные):

  1. upset (adj)
  2. worried (adj)
  3. haunted (adj)
  4. poisonous (adj)
Добавив суффикс (suffix) –ous к существительному (noun), получаем прилагательное (adjective): poison (яд)poisonous (ядовитый)

Verbs (глаголы):

  1. die of (v)
  2. draw a conclusion (v)
  3. poison (v)
  4. learn from (v)
  5. take by mistake  (v)
  6. be haunted by smth  (v)
  7. confess (v)
  8. tell the truth
  9. to tell the truth (set-expression — устойчивое выражение)

If you know the words well, we suggest you should continue reading the book or doing the activities  — The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Chapter 1

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