List of words to learn to the book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Chapter 22. Poirot’s Conference


  1. notes of the cases
  2. an announcement
  3. a way out
  4. a list
  5. an opportunity
  6. a possibility


  1. modest
  2. wise
  3. absurd
  4. separate ( e.g. separate meetings)


  1. to attend
  2. to get clear VS to make clear
  3. to get blacker
  4. to exclaim
  5. to pay attention to
  6. t0 make an announcement
  7. to keep a secret
  8. to behave badly
  9. to reply
  10. to whistle
  11. to guess
  12. to investigate the case
  13. to go on VS to go
  14. to suppose VS to suggest
  15. proved to be VS  to prove


  1. together (e.g. gather together)
  2. except
  3. instead of
  4. probably
  5. as soon as VS soon
  6. by the way VS on the way VS a way out

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