Ответы на вопросы по биографии Конан Дойля

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1) He was a doctor.

2) He used to read detective stories.

3) They were old-fashioned detective stories, the detective always got his results by lucky chance, it was not explained how he came to his conclusions.


4) The detective must use scientific methods in work of detection and build up his conclusions.

5) It was professor Bell.

6) The professor called Bell was extraordinally good at deductive work. He would look at the patient, only allow the patient to open his mouth and make his diagnosis of the deasease. He could also tell the  patient’s nationality or occupation.

7) Conan Doyle got letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes and was asked for his autograph.

8) He got interested in a spiritual study.

9) He was dependent on writing, he earned his living by it.

10) At least 6 witnesses in a room saw and heard what he had done.  He said: «When people come along and contradict me….I don’t take their opposition very seriously. I am not talking about what I believe. I am not talking about what I think. I am talking about what I know. ….I am talking about things that I’ve handle, I’ve seen and always in the presence of witnesses. I never risk halluсination.»

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