The Life of Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Теперь Вы уже знаете, кто величайший  английский писатель викторианской эпохи (19 век), классик английской литературы? Конечно же, Чарльз Джон Хаффам Диккенс или просто Чарльз Диккенс  Биография этого писателя представлена на нашем сайте в двух вариантах (биография Ч. Диккенса на русском языке  и биография Ч. Диккенса на английском языке). А сейчас давайте посмотрим два небольших фильма о жизни этого писателя.

1. Чарльз Диккенс. Биография (фильм на русском языке)


2. The Life of Charles Dickens (in English)

3. Charles Dickens. The Biography (текст на английском языке к фильму)

I was born at Portsmouth, an English seaport town, principally remarkable for mud, jews, and sailors, my father holding in those days a situation under government in a navy pay office. That was how my great great grandfather described the city of his birth.
I am at the Round tower, one of the fortifications built to protect Portsmouth from attack which in the earlier 1800s were a real threat. The war against the French was still raging and that made Portsmouth a boom town.
People were flocking to the town and the pressure of accommodation caused tremendous pressure on the services. So there were lots of people, lots of activity in the streets, ships being loaded, ships being brought into the harbor. And dock yard itself employed over four thousand men who work outside the docks yard walls and conditions in many of the slums were as bad if not worse you could possibly imagine.
So this is where Charles Dickens’s father John, that`s my great great great grandfather started work in a navy pay office in 1807 and where he was pas paid a sum of one hundred and 10 pounds a year for his efforts.
The Dickens family first lived at number 13, Marlin Terrace. This is a rent book. They paid thirty-five pounds a year.
The family was quite well-to-do, but not very high up this scale. This is a new house and therefore it was obviously quite a suitable house for John’s Dickens family.
They have looked out. There were cherry orchards, at least one windmill and a very  low marshy area, slopping down to the sea.
Today that view is very different.  On the 7th of February 1812 Charles John Huffam Dickens was born.  He was baptized in this pond in some church in …. Soon after the family moved to a cheaper property, number 16 Hawke street. This house was destroyed in the area in 1941. John Dickens used to drink ale in a pub at the end of the road. The Dickens family moved one more time, for  leaving Portsmouth in 1815. Charles was nearly 3 years old.  Of course he went on to become the most prolific journalist, author and social campaigner of the 19th century, famous the world over.
And he made people laugh, he made people cry and he showed people how indignity he was about social abuses, and people of England knew he was their sight.
So Dickens wrote about Portsmouth  just in one of his novels it was Nicholas Nickleby. When Nicolas arrives at Portsmouth to join the group of the actors just outside the dock of the gate . He has to ascend two flights of stairs in a ladder.  They groped their way through the dark passage threaded a  little maze of canvas screen and pay pots and emerged upon the stage of the Portsmouth theatre. Theatre was one of Dickens`s passions. He loved performing and came back to Portsmouth to give dramatic reading of his stories like… The martyr, staggering, backwards towards the wall, grabbed ga club and struck her down. The last time was in 1866 in St. Georges` hall   which is at St Georges Square.  Four years later Dickens died at his home in Kent. The cause of death apoplexy, aged just fifty-eight.

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