Thomas Hardy. To Please His Wife (for upper-intermediate)

CHAPTER TWO (продолжение)

  • treble — утроить
  • was inclined to it — склонялась к этому
  • put into the enterprise — вложено в дело
  • was to be undertaken — предстояло предпринять

* * *

Joanna lived on at home with her sons, who were now growing up into strong lads, and occupying themselves in various ways about the harbour and quay.

‘Never mind, let them work a little,’ their fond mother said to herself. ‘But when Shadrach comes home they will be only seventeen and eighteen, and they shall never go to the port, and they will be taught by a tutor; and with the money they’ll have they will perhaps be as near to gentlemen as Emmy Lester’s sons, with their algebra and their Latin!’

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