Thomas Hardy. To Please His Wife (for upper-intermediate)


  • a gleam of triumph — выражение торжества
  • maintained herself by the shop — жила на деньги, которые давал магазин
  • may bring back a fortune — возможно, привезут домой состояние
  • Nothing will repay me — ничто не возместит мне
  • it was not yet pleased — просто Господу еще не угодно

* * *

The brig sailed away one morning in spring; but Joanna did not see its departure. Shadrach had known that she could not bear to see them leaving and told her that they would sail about the noon next day. However, she suddenly woke up at five the next morning and heard them moving downstairs but did not go down. She was lying in bed, trying to nerve herself.  When at last she went downstairs, she saw words «Good- bye, mother!» written in chalk upon  the face of the cupboard; but no husband or sons.

She ran to the quay but she could see only the sails of the Joanna; and no human figures. »It is me who has sent them!’ she cried wildly, and burst into tears. When she came home the chalked ‘Good-bye’ nearly broke her heart. But when she had looked through the window at Emily’s house, a gleam of triumph appeared on her thin face.

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