O. Henry. A Retrieved Reformation (in English, for upper-intermediate with tasks and translation)

O. Henry. A Retrieved Reformation. Part 4 (read in English)

4. One afternoon Jimmy Valentine and his suit-case climbed out of the mail coach in Elmore, a little town five miles off the railroad down in country of Arkansas. Jimmy, looking like an athletic young senior just home from college, went down the board side-walk toward the hotel.

A young lady crossed the street, passed him at the corner and entered a door over which was the sign “The Elmore Bank.” Jimmy Valentine looked into her eyes, forgot what he was, and became another man. She lowered her eyes and colored slightly. Young men of Jimmy’s style and looks were rare in Elmore.

Jimmy collared a boy that was loafing on the steps of the bank and began to ask him questions about the town, giving him dimes at intervals. By and by the young lady came out, looking unconscious of the young man with the suit-case, and went her way.

“Isn’t that young lady Miss Polly Simpson?” asked Jimmy slyly.

“No,” said the boy. “She’s Annabel Adams. Her pa owns this bank. What’d you come to Elmore for? Is that a gold watch-chain? I’m going to get a bulldog. Got any more dimes?”

Jimmy went to the Planters’ Hotel, registered as Ralph D. Spencer, and booked a room. He said he had come to Elmore to look for a location to go into business. How was the shoe business, now, in the town? He had thought of the shoe business. What were the chances?

The clerk was impressed by the clothes and manner of Jimmy and cordially gave him information.

Yes, there ought to be good chances to open a shoe line. There wasn’t a shoe-store in the place. The dry-goods and general stores handled them. Business in all lines was fairly good. Hoped Mr. Spencer would decide to settle in Elmore. He would find it a pleasant town to live in, and the people very sociable.

Mr. Spencer thought he would stop over in the town a few days and look over the situation.

Перевод текста:

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Part 4 (in Russian)

Джимми остановился в отеле Плантер, представился Ральфом Д.Спенсером, и снял одну комнату. Он сказал, что приехал в Элмор, чтобы наметить варианты развития своего бизнеса. Как здесь в городе с обувным делом? Он подумывает насчет торговли обувью. Каковы его шансы?

Клерк, оказавшись под впечатлением от костюма и манер Джимми, с удовольствием поделился с ним информацией.

Да, у него есть шансы открыть здесь обувной магазин. В окрестностях таких почти нет. Одни галантерейные и продовольственные магазины. Развитие бизнеса во всех направлениях скорое всего будет удачным. Он надеется, что мистер Спенсер решит осесть в Элморе. Он найдет город приятным для проживания, к тому же люди здесь очень дружелюбные.

Мистер Спенсер думает, что он остановится в этом городе на пару дней, чтобы осмотреться здесь.


Задания к тексту:

1. Выпишите подчеркнутые слова в словарь (пассивная лексика ), прослушайте их произношение  и выучите.

2. Answer the questions:

  1. What happened to Jimmy one day?
  2. How did the event change Jimmy?

3. Translate the story, trying to guess the meaning of the unknown words.

2 thoughts on “O. Henry. A Retrieved Reformation (in English, for upper-intermediate with tasks and translation)
  1. Volokh says:

    Along with I started to read, according to the beginning, I thought that the story would end in a predictable way. Don’t think like this! O. Henry is definitely a master who made masterpieces by unexpected endings. I highly recommend it to have been read.

    • Volokh says:

      You really die into this story, exploring the changes in the main character’s personality and sharp turns of events.

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