Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 4

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1.Перевод слов:

  1. кабинет
  2. гостиная
  3. крышка
  4. шантажист
  5. конверт
  6. незнакомец
  7. подозреваемый
  8. серебряный
  9. стеклянный
  10. обручиться
  11. шантажировать
  12. подозревать

2. I hope you have a rich imagination.

3. Three strange things that happen:

  1. Dr. Sheppard finds strange that Miss Russell tried to explain to him why she was in the room.
  2. Dr. Sheppard hears a strange sound in the drawing-room.
  3. Flora Ackroyd says that her uncle is very pleased with her engagement with Ralph.

4. Let us check what we know about the characters of the story:

  1. Mrs Ferras is dead.
  2. Mrs Ferras’s husband is dead.
  3. Dr. James Sheppard is a friend of Roger Ackroyd and the narrator (рассказчик).
  4. Caroline Sheppard is the sister of James Sheppard.
  5. Mr. Roger Ackroyd is the richest man in the village King’s Abbot.
  6. Mrs. Ackroyd is his wife who died some years ago from heavy drinking.
  7. Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd is the wife of Roger Ackroyd’s younger brother.
  8. Flora Ackroyd is Cecil Ackroyd’s daughter and the niece of Roger Ackroyd.
  9. Ralph Paton is the adopted son of Roger Ackroyd.
  10. Miss Russell  is the housekeeper in Roger Ackroyd’s house.
  11. Parker is the butler in Roger Ackroyd’s house.
  12. Geoffrey Raymond is the secretary of Roger Ackroyd.
  13. Major Blunt is a hunter by profession and a is a friend of Roger Ackroyd
  14. The neighbour is a very famous private detective  who retired and moved to King’s Abbot.

5. Why does Ackroyd invited Dr. Sheppard to his study? —To talk about Mrs. Ferrars’s death and something else.

6. 1. Mrs. Ferrars’s husband died a natural death. — It is false. He was poisoned.
6.2. Mrs. Ferrars’s husband was poisoned. — It is true.
6.3. Mrs. Ferrars was poisoned. — It is false. Because «be poisoned» means «была отравлена»

7. We are waiting for your versions.

8. We are waiting for your translations.

9. The questions to answer:

  1. Whom did Dr. Sheppard meet just near the door of the study? — He met Parker, the butler.
  2. What did Dr. Sheppard tell him? — He told Parker that Roger Ackroyd didn’t want to be disturbed.
  3. How many times did the church clock chime when he was going through the gates, coming back home? — The church clock chimed nine times.
  4. Who did he collide with on his way? — On his way home Dr. Sheppard collided (= met) a stranger.
  5. What did the stranger ask him and what was special about his voice and appearance? — The stranger asked him the way to Fernly Park. He had a hoarse voice and he seemed to hide his face because his hat was pulled down over his eyes and his coat collar was turned up.
  6. What happened when Dr. Sheppard came home? — The telephone rang and somebody told Dr. Sheppard that Roger Ackroyd had been found murdered in Fernly Park.[/paid_content]

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