Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 6

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  1. вопрос
  2. разговор
  3. лезвие
  4. камень
  5. отпечатки пальцев
  6. гостиная
  7. знакомый
  8. острый, резкий
  9. драгоценный
  10. узнавать
  11. спрашивать
  12. казаться
  13. шантажировать
  14. принять решение

2. What is true about the stranger?

The man never came to the back door. — It is true as it was said by all the servants.

His voice was familiar to Dr. Sheppard.  — It is true because Dr. Sheppard says «His voice reminded me of someone’s voice, but I couldn’t think whose voice it was.»

His voice was rough and uneducated. — It can’t be true because the man could change his voice.

The man tried to change his voice. — It can’t be true because it can’t be proved.

3. What TWO THINGS did the police inspector ask Dr. Sheppard?

The inspector asked Dr. Sheppard what is the story of blackmail (1) and who could blackmail Mrs. Ferrars according to Roger Ackroyd’s opinion (2)

4.1. Who do the police suspect? — Parker. The inspector told Dr. Sheppard not to tell Parker that the police suspect him.

4.2. Write the name of your suspect.


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