Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 7

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1. Перевод:

  1. пациент
  2. сосед
  3. частный детектив
  4. жених, невеста
  5. отпечатки пальцев
  6. следы
  7. денежные трудности
  8. отставка, пенсия
  9. уйтив отставку (на пенсию)
  10. жить спокойно
  11. расследовать убийство
  12. совершать неправильные поступки (устойчивое выражение)
  13. сделать ошибку
  14. исчезнуть

2.1. Why did Flora come to Dr. Sheppard?- Flora came to Dr. Sheppard to ask him to go to his neighbour who was a famous private detective and ask him to investigate the murder.
2.2. What did Dr. Sheppard advise to her? — He advised her not to do it.
Flora is afraid that the police will suspect Ralph, fiancé . She says, «Ralph maybe weak. He may have done foolish things in life . But he won’t murder anyone.»
Dr. Sheppard says , «Take my advice . Don’t ask this detective to investigate the murder.» «It is better to leave thing as they are.»
3. In the picture we see Flora and Dr. Sheppard meeting Hercule Poirot.
4.1. Ralph Paton disappeared.
4.2. The police did not suspect Parker.
5. In fact, the police suspect Ralph Paton because facts speak against him:
1) He disappeared.
2) He had money difficulties (a motive).
3) The footprints on the windowsill fit the soles of Captain Paton’s shoes.
6. When they found the body the curtains were drawn, the electric light was on and the big armchair was drawn out of the corner.
7. What does Hercule Poirot find strange? — He finds that the armchair has changed its position the most strangest thing. He starts to ask who has put the armchair in its usual position.
8. We are waiting for your answer.
9.  What else does Hercule Poirot find strange? Besides the position of the armchair, Poirot finds strange that

  1. at 8.50- the window was closed and bolted but the door was unlocked
  2. at 10.15 — the door was locked and the window was opened

10. — We are waiting for your translation.
11. — We are waiting for your Poirot’s version.
12. We don’t know yet. The telephone call to Dr. Sheppard’s house was made at 10.15 last night from a public telephone box at King’s Abbot station. At 10.23 the night train leaves for Liverpool.[/paid_content]


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