Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 8

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  1. толпа
  2. преступление
  3. причина
  4. дело, случай
  5. ворота
  6. представитель
  7. тишина
  8. перо
  9. часть, кусок
  10. расследовать
  11. достичь
  12. вытащить
  13. передумать
  14. совершить преступление
  15. подтвердить
  16. Ничего страшного!
  17. Как жаль!

2. It was the representative of a firm selling dictophones who came to the Roger Ackroyd last week. He was fair-haired and short. He was dressed in a blue suit.
3. Pairs of synonyms:

  • ask questions (задавать вопросы)  = make inquiries (наводить справки)
  • be full of people (быть полным людей) = be crowded with people (заполнить толпами людей)
  • get to the house (дойти до дома) = reach the house (достигнуть лома)

4. Let us follow the logic of inspector Raglan and make a deduction.

  • Fact Number 1 is that at 9.45 Roger Ackroyd was seen alive by Flora Ackroyd.
  • Fact Number 1 is that at 10.30 somebody called Dr. Sheppard and told him that the Roger Ackroyd was dead.
  • So, (=>) we can draw a conlusion that the murder was commited between 9.45 and 10.30.

5. The dialogues to act out:


6. Write your name of the suspect in comments.
7. According to the inspector’s version, the strangest detail is the murderer’s call to Dr. Sheppard.
8. Answers:

  1. Poirot wanted to investigate the summer house because it was on the way to the gate.
  2. He found a piece of cambric (a handkerchief) and a goose quill there.



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