Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 9

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  1. тропинка
  2. шкура, кожа
  3. общество
  4. кольцо
  5. прерывание
  6. надпись
  7. объяснение
  8. бессердечный
  9. обручальный
  10. ясный, понятный
  11. неясный, непонятный
  12. унаследовать
  13. разузнать
  14. прервать
  15. объяснить
  16. предположить
  17. несмотря на
  18. привыкнуть
  19. Мне пора…
  20. Ясно.
  21. Все равно.
  22. Я полагаю…

2. The example of a dialogue (Send your dialogue to

  • I am used to this sort of life.
  • What sort of life are you used to?
  • I am used to getting up early in the morning and going for walk with my dog in the fields.
  • Where do you live, I wonder?
  • In the country.

3. Possible answers:

  • I find it strange because Flora is Ralph’s fiancée.
  • I find it strange and now I think that FLora didn’t love her husband./ I don’t find it strange because Flora came to live with her uncle only two years ago. Until then she never had seen him. Besides, he left Flora 20 thousand pounds.
  • If I were Flora I would feel happy because I think that only parents and close relatives are the most dearest people to everybody.[/paid_content]

4. The questions of Hercule Poirot:

  1. Who inherits this beautiful house (Fernly Park)? (to Dr. Sheppard)
  2. When did you last see Mr Ackroyd alive? (to Major Blunt)
  3. Did you see or hear Roger Ackroyd after that time? (to Major Blunt)
  4. What time did you walk about the terrace? (to Major Blunt)
  5. Can you remember anything that Ackroyd was talking about? (to Major Blunt)
  6. Did you move the big armchair? (to Major Blunt)

5. Send your conclusion to
6. Possible answers to the questions:

  1. They are Hercule Poirot and Dr. James Sheppard.
  2. According to the plot Hercule Poirot and Dr. James Sheppard found a wedding ring near the pond and in the picture one man is showing the other the ring. Besides, one of them has moustaches and the other has a beard. So, they look like the people in question.
  3. They are propably talking about the ring and the reason why it has been thrown into the pond.

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