Conan Doyle. The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane (adapted for intermediate)

Слова для понимания:

  • deserted — пустынный
  • ascend — подниматься
  • unfastened — не застегнута
  • savage — дикарь
  • to crawl away — уползти прочь
  • caves — пещеры
  • note — записка
  • make an appointment — назначить встречу
  • mere chance — простая случайность
  • vindictive feeling — чуdство мести
  • run the business — имеет свой бизнес
Essential Vocabulary for the story «The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane» by A. Conan Doyle (английские слова, которые надо знать прежде, чем начать читать эту историю) даны ниже:

  1. to look around
  2. to dress — undress
  3. a towel
  4. a naked foot
  5. to bathe
  6. to put on his clothes
  7. small caves
  8. a crime
  9. to gather
  10. a dead body
  11. pockets
  12. a handkerchief
  13. a knife
  14. a piece of paper
  15. advice
  16. to advise
  17. to search the beach
  18. to made an appointment
  19. to insist on
  20. to be dreadfully upset
  21. to quarrel over
  22. a real beauty
  23. to own
  24. sooner or later
  25. to find the motive
  26. a criminal
  27. to lead to
  28. to gather together

  1. look around — оглядеться
  2. dress/ undress — одеться/ раздеться
  3. towel — полотенце
  4. naked foot — обнаженная ступня
  5. to bathe — купаться
  6. to put on his clothes — надеть одежду
  7. small caves — маленькие пещеры
  8. crime — преступление
  9. to gather — собирать (ся)
  10. gather together — собраться вместе
  11. dead body — мертвое тело
  12. pockets — карманы
  13. handkerchief — носовой платок
  14. knife — нож
  15. a piece of paper — лист бумаги
  16. advice/advise — совет/ советовать
  17. search the beach — обыскать пляж
  18. made an appointment — назначить встречу
  19. insist on — настаивать на
  20. be upset — расстроиться
  21. quarrel over — поссориться из-за (ссора из-за)
  22. a real beauty — настоящая красавица
  23. own — владеть
  24. sooner or later — рано или поздно
  25. find the motive — найти мотив
  26. criminal — преступник
  27. lead to — вести к
  28. gather together — собраться вместе

Arthur Conan Doyle. The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane. Part 2 (adapted for intermediate level)

Слова, выделенные оранжевым шрифтом, встречались ранее. Постарайтесь их вспомнить!

First I looked around to see who was on the beach. It was deserted, only two or three dark figures were seen far away going towards the village of Fulworth. I walked slowly down the path. There was clay mixed with the chalk, and everywhere I saw the same footsteps. No one else had descended to the beach by the path that morning. At one place I saw the print of an open hand with the fingers. This could only mean that poor McPherson had fallen as he ascended. We found the place where McPherson had undressed, as there was his towel on a rock. It was dry, he had never entered the water. I found the print of his shoe, and also of his naked foot. This fact proved that he was ready to bathe, but he had not actually done it.

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