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Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (продолжение)

В этой главе вы узнаете, кем оказался сосед доктора Шеппарда, кто позвонил и сообщил об убийстве и почему полиция теперь подозревает другого человека… Продолжаем расследование.
Стрелка вниз

Глава 7. I learn My Neighbour`s Profession

Words to learn for chapter 7:

  1. patient — пациент
  2. neighbour — сосед
  3. private detective — частный детектив
  4. retire — уйти на пенсию
  5.  live quietly — жить тихо
  6. investigate the murder — расследовать убийство
  7. do the wrong things — совершать неправильные поступки
  8. make a mistake — сделать ошибку
  9. disappear — исчезнуть
  10.  fiancèe [fɪ’ɑːns`eɪ] — невеста, fiancè [fɪ’ɑːnseɪ] — жених (произношение одинаковое)
  11. fingerprints (footmarks) — отпечатки пальцев
  12. footprints — отпечатки следов
  13. money difficulties — денежные трудности

Закрытый контент сайта. Chapter 7. I Learn My Neighbour’s Profession
Закрытый контент сайта, доступен по подписке в БОКОВОМ МЕНЮ.

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Задания к главе 7

1. Проверьте себя, помните ли вы английские слова:


  1. patient
  2. neighbour
  3. private detective
  4. fiancee [fɪ’ɑːnseɪ]
  5. fingerprints
  6. footprints
  7. money difficulties
  8. retirement  (Не знаете? — Если добавить суффикс –ment к глаголу, то получится существительное: retire — retirement)


  1. retire
  2. live quietly
  3. investigate the murder
  4. do the wrong things
  5. make a mistake
  6. disappear

Do you remember the words?

  1. пациент
  2. сосед
  3. частный детектив
  4. уйти на пенсию
  5. жить тихо
  6. расследовать убийство
  7. совершать неправильные поступки
  8. сделать ошибку
  9. исчезнуть
  10. невеста
  11. жених
  12. отпечатки пальцев
  13. отпечатки следов
  14. денежные трудности

2. At the beginning of this chapter Flora, Ralph’s fiancee, came to Dr. Sheppard. She asked him to go to his neighbour, that egg-headed ltttle funny man who was a famous private detective, Hercule Poirot.

Read carefully the first pages and answer two questions:

  1. Why did Flora come to Dr. Sheppard?
  2. What did Dr. Sheppard advise her?

Write what they said in comments.

3. Who do you see in the picture?

Домашнее чтение на английском языке

4. Let us continue.

Who disappeared?

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Загрузка ... Загрузка ...

Who did the police NOT suspect? Why (write in comments)?

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Загрузка ... Загрузка ...

The police suspect ….. See the right answer — HERE
5. Write in comments: why do the police suspect that person. Besides he was seen near the place at half past 9, there are three more reasons:
6. It is very important: what has changed in the room after the murder?

What changed in the room?

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7. Here is the plan of the room. Study it carefully. What does Hercule Poirot find strange?

Домашнее чтение на английском языке

8. What is the strangest thing, in your opinion? Write in comments.
9. There are two things Hercule Poirot finds strange. What are they?
10. Read and translate the end of the chapter 7.

Dr. Sheppard: «It sounds very simple.»

Hercule Poirot: «Everything is simple if you work methodically. Now the question is who was with him at nine-thirty last night. Evidently it was the person whom he had let in through the window. Probably this person left the room in the same way — through the window. Later Mr. Ackroyd was seen alive by Miss Flora. After Miss Flora left, the murderer could get in through the window which was left open. Or maybe the same person returned and killed him. Ah, here comes Colonel Melrose.»

Colonel Melrose (the police inspector): «We have traced that telephone call to Dr. Sheppard. It was made at 10.15 last night from a public call box at King’s Abbot station. And at 10.23 the night train leaves for Liverpool.»

11. Write in Russian what is the Poirot’s version of what happened.

12. Who called Dr. Sheppard and told him about the murder of Roger Ackroyd?

13. Ответы к заданиям для самопроверки — ПОЛУЧИТЬ ОТВЕТЫ

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