English Lessons for Advanced Learners. England, 1819

Список синонимов к тексту № 3 (advanced)

  1. throw a party = organize a party
  2. a frok = a dress
  3. perishing = extremely cold
  4. insulated = isolated
  5. acutely aware = feel to an extreme extent (остро ощущать)
  6. soaring = rising = increasing
  7. resilient = strong
  8. languid = apathetic
  9. debauched = indulgent in sex, alcohol and drugs
  10. to acquire = to get
  11. scheduled for = appointed for= planned for


The Duke caught a heavy cold. Convinced that he was much stronger than his apathetic, indulgent brothers, he tried to find strengh not to fall ill. Soldierlike, he set out on long sea walks, often returning soaked to the bone. He devoted his free time to returning to Amorbach, their German home. His letter to his friend, in which he asked him to get horses for carrages, was the last. His cold was worsern. He was very sick but still attempting to conquer his illness by ignoring it. He refused to allow his wife to cancel a dinner party planned for that evening. The same night he fell into a deep fever and the next morning was unable to get out of bed.

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