English Lessons for Advanced Learners. England, 1819


На завершающем этапе слова специально перепутаны и даны в другом контексте. Если Вы их вспомнили, то уже достаточно твердо знаете.

Part 1 (10 words)

Translate the sentences with the words in similar context.

  1. Mrs Page is still mourning for her dead son, a year after he was killed in the accident.
  2. He ordered that Matilda’s body should be buried in the family vault.
  3. He was devastated by news of the Cardinal’s death.
  4. Legible writing is clear enough to read.
  5. He claims to be able to summon up the spirits of the dead.
  6. She looked feverish, her eyes glistened.
  7. It’s no good lamenting over your past mistakes.
  8. He winced at the disgust in her voice.
  9. Below the bridge we could discern just a narrow stream.
  10. The young soldier have been left to bleed on the battlefield.
Translate into English:

непроизвольно вздрагивать, причитать, различать, кровоточить (пускать кровь, истекать кровью), лихорадочный, призвать, шокированный, склеп, разборчивый (четкий), оплакивать (10)

Part 2 (10 words)

  1. He could barely stand.
  2. A riot begins.
  3. The cold was not too severe.
  4. The upsurge of political activity took place in the country.
  5. The President was greeted by cheers of jubilation in the streets.
  6. She looked a little pale and strained.
  7. She was simmering with resentment.
  8. Her impecunious relatives lived in an old house.
  9. These criminals had to endure the punishment.
  10. It was not a fortune but would help to cover travel expenses.
Translate into English

вынести (вытерпеть), бедствующий, расходы, ликование, бурлить, сильный, подъем, бунт, напряженный, едва (10)

Part 3 (10 words)

  1. She alighted on the book in question.
  2. Her parents are prepared to throw a party for her.
  3. The insulated passages from the context can affect the meaning.
  4. In the pump the air is contracted.
  5. All his relatives attended the funeral.
  6. He was appointed a guardian to look after the child.
  7. She became delirious.
  8. Do you feel that your muscles are not so resilient as they should be?
  9. Her frock has long sleeves.
  10. They were aware of danger.
Translate into English

в бреду, платье, похороны, назначить опекуном, изолированный, сжатый, сильный, выбрать (часто случайно), устроить вечеринку, сознавать (10)

Part 4 (9 words)

  1. Against all the odds, we won our case (дело).
  2. He was able to summon up the spirits of the dead.
  3. Debauched people behave in a way that you think is socially unacceptable, for example because they drink a lot of alcohol.
  4. The cost of living continued to soar.
  5. I managed to acquire all the books I needed.
  6. It’s perishing in the tent.
  7. The disease has tormented me for sixteen years.
  8. Lisa gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
  9. A presidential election was scheduled for December.
Translate into English:

Вопреки всем трудностям, запланированный на, пышущий здоровьем (крепкий и здоровый), повышаться, приобретать, ужасно холодный, мучить, призвать, распущенный (во всех отношениях) (9)

Я надеюсь, что эти упражнения помогли вам немного запомнить 40 слов из текстов по истории Англии и первых днях жизни маленькой Виктории. Слова непростые. Однако если вы продолжите вместе с нами читать дальше, то эти и многие другие слова будут, если не в активном, то по крайней мере пассивном запасе. Повторяйте их время от времени. И читайте книги на английском языке! Пока все! Удачи)

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