История Англии на английском языке с переводом (5 historic texts for intermediate)

Text №2 «The New Residence of the Kents»

Words for the text:

  1. grant an allowance — предоставить содержание
  2. badly — сильно, очень (второе значение этого слова)
  3. inexpensive — недорогой
  4. to raise money — добыть деньги, получить ссуду
  5. hope against hope — надеясь вопреки всему
  6. be dressed up- была наряжена
  7. reilef — освобождение
  8. used to living — привыкли жить
  9. pass the time — проводить время
  10. debts — долги

With the country restoring its economy after the war, the government could not grant an allowance to the Kents who badly needed money. So the Duke of Kent decided that he had no choice but to take an inexpensive house by the sea. He chose the pretty Woolbroke Cottage, a low house with lovely views towards the sea. But the family still didn’t want to leave London. The Duke tried to raise money, hoping that they would be able to stay.

On 2 November, the Kents organized a party for the Duke’s fifty-second birthday. The little princess who was only seven months was dressed up in a pretty dress for Papa. She looked like a child of one. The Duke was waiting for the most needed gift — relief from his debts. But money never apperared. On the 21st, the Kents, along with Feodora, baby Victoria, her nurse Lehzen and other servants travelled to Woolbroke Cottage. They arrived at their new home in the afternoon of the Christmas Day, in the middle of the snowstorm.

The winter of 1819 was freezing and the nights were very cold. At that time Woolbrook Cottage was an isolated house, and all the people, used to living in palaces, felt an extreme discomfort. The Dutchess passed the time practicing her English and walking along the sea with Feodora. But she was too lonely and unhappy, and the debts were increasing. The family decided to return to Germany in spring, the house where they had lived just after their wedding.

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