История Англии на английском языке с переводом (5 historic texts for intermediate)

Text №5 «The Death of the Duke»

Words for the text:

  1. widow — овдоветь
  2. a family vault — семейный склеп
  3. funeral — похороны
  4. mourn — носить траур

Next morning the fifty-two-year-old Duke died holding the Dutchess`s hand. Only a month ago he was a healthy strong man. His wife was terrified. Hardly able to speak English, she was in the country she didn’t know, without even money to leave Woolbrook Cottage. She had a sick baby and a distressed twelve-year-old daughter. Aged only thirty-two she had been widowed twice over. «She kills all her husbands,» said people. The public were shocked that the Duke of Kent of all the brothers should have died. «He was the strongest of the strong. Never before ill in his life and now to die of the cold when half the kingdom have colds. It was very bad luck indeed.» The Duke of Kent was buried on the night of the 12 February in the family vault at Windsor. Prince Leopold paid for the funeral. England didn’t mourn for the Duke for a long time. At Windsor, King George was dying.

Перевод текста №5 для самопроверки

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