Charles Dickens. Great Expectations (in English, chapter 2,3)

Morning on the MarshПродолжаем читать и слушать аудиокниги по произведениям Чарльза Диккенса. Вы уже начали сдушать первую главу интереснейшего произведения «Great Expectations». Текст этой аудиокниги по роману Чарльза Диккенса «Большие надежды» на английском языке относится к уровню СРЕДНИЙ (Intermediate). Предлагаются слова для изучения, сложные обороты выделены и переведены. Сегодня читаем и слушаем главу 2 «Утро на болоте» и главу 3 «Погоня».

Charles Dickens. Great Expectations (for intermediate)

Глава 1 «Человек на кладбище» (читать и слушать) —  Charles Dickens. Great Expectations. Chapter 1 «A Man in the Churchyard»

Chapter Two «The Morning on the Marsh»


  1. force — заставлять
  2. must have forced — должно быть заставила (перфектный инфинитив have forced после модального глагола must переводится прошедшем временем)
  3. good-natured — добродушный
  4. sweet-tempered — приятный; с мягким, добрым характером
  5. demanded — потребовала
  6. looking angrily — сердито смотря
  7. drive to the churchyard — свести в могилу
  8. crept over — подполз (creep — ползти)
  9. a distant explosion — (отдаленный звук выстрела из пушки)
  10. a convict — заключенный
  11. impatiently — нетерпеливо
  12. was off — сбежал (be off — уходить, смываться (разг.))
  13. prison-ship — плавучая тюрьма на корабле

Audio for Chapter Two:

My sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, was more than twenty years older than I. She was not a good-looking woman. She was too tall and thin, and her skin was very red, and I had an idea that she must have forced Joe to marry her, in much the same way that she forced me to do a good many things I had no wish to do. Joe was a big, strong fellow, fairhaired and blue-eyed, always good-natured and sweet-tempered.
They were in the kitchen when I reached home. Mrs. Joe looked at the clock.
“Where have you been, you young monkey?” she demanded.
“To the churchyard,” I answered in a little, timid voice.
“Hah!” said Mrs. Joe, looking angrily from her husband to me. “The pair of you will drive me to the churchyard one of these days!”
Joe was sitting in the chimney-corner, and I crept over and sat opposite him while my sister set the tea things. We all jumped and started as there came the sound of a distant explosion.
“Joe,” I said, “was that great guns?”
“Yes,” said Joe. “There’s another convict off.”
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“Escaped! Escaped!” explained my sister impatiently.
“What’s a convict?” I asked Joe.
“There was one off last night,” said Joe, “after the sunset gun. And they fired warning of him. Now, it seems, they’re firing warning of another.”
“Who’s firing?” said I.
“Lord bless the boy!” exclaimed my sister. “It’s from the Hulks!”
“And please—what’s Hulks?” I asked.
“Hulks are prison-ships, right across the marshes,” said Joe.
“I wonder who’s put into prison-ships, and why they’re put there?” I said, hopefully.

Activities for Chapter Two:

1. Answer the question:

Who was Joe Gargery (in relation to the boy)?

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Загрузка ... Загрузка ...

2. Find in the text adjectives (прилагательные), which describe the character of Mr. Joe Garger.
3. Find in the text verbs and adverbs (глаголы и наречия), which describe Mrs. Joe Gargery.

4. Write out 10 words you don’t know into your vocabulary.

Не путайте:
be like — быть по характеру
look like  — выглядеть

5. Answer the questions:

  1. Why did Pip think that Mrs. Joe must have forced Joe Gargery to marry her?
  2. What was Mr. Joe Gargery like (какой был характер у Джо)?
  3. What did Mr. Joe Gargery look like (как выглядел Джо)?
  4. What was Mrs. Joe Gargery like?
  5. What did Mrs. Joe Gargery look like?
  6. Look through the dialogue. What was Pip like (какой был характер у Пипа)?
  7. Can you say that the boy was very curious? Why?

6. Translate chapter 2 from «Great Expectations» by Charles Dickens.

7. Tell yourself what happened in the text. Start like this «The Pip’s parents were dead. He lived with his sister and her husband, Joe Gargery…..»

8. Imagine that you were that boy and tell us your story.

Также у  Вас есть выбор: можно СЛУШАТЬ аудиокнигу дальше продолжение главы 2 и главу 3 или СМОТРЕТЬ экранизацию романа Great Expectations BBC по ПОДПИСКЕ 18 ( остановитесь на моменте, где Пип уезжает, 18 мин).

* * *

9. Charles  Dickens. Great Expectations — cлушать аудиокнигу: ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ главы 2 (аудио, часть 2):

Запомните следующие слова. Вы услышите их в тексте, поэтому проверьте их произношение, пользуясь подключенным к сайту словарем.
  1. rob— грабить
  2. steal (stole, stolen) — красть (непр.)
  3. unlock — отпереть
  4. thief — вор

Answer the questions:

  1. What did the boy take from the house?
  2. What did he feel like?
  3. Who did he see on his way back to the marshes?

* * *

10. Charles  Dickens. Great Expectations — cлушать аудиокнигу: ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ главы 2 (аудио, часть 3):

* * *

Charles Dickens. Great Expectations. Chapter Three «The Hunt»

11. Слушать аудиокнигу: ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ главы 3 (аудио, часть 1):

12. Слушать аудиокнигу: ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ главы 3 (аудио, часть 2):

13. Слушать аудиокнигу: ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ главы 3 (аудио, часть 3):

14. Слушать аудиокнигу: ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ главы 3 (аудио, часть 4):

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