Английские книги для начинающих. The Bottle Imp by R.L. Stevenson (adapted story in English)

The Bottle Imp. Part III

New Words:

  1. on the way back to — на обратном пути
  2. offer — предложить
  3. curious — любопытный
  4. mate — товарищ
  5. clipper — клипер
  6. go trading — заниматься торговлей
  7. agreed — договорились
  8. be drowned — утонуть
  9. serve — служить
  10. rich — богатый

On his way back to the port, he saw a shop where a man sold shells from the wild islands, old coins, pictures from China and Japan, and other things that sailors bring in their sea-chests. He went in and offered the bottle for a hundred dollars. The shopman laughed at him but when he saw the bottle with its milky white shadow inside, he found it curious and gave Keawe sixty silver dollars for the thing, and set it on a shelf in his window.

«Now,» said Keawe, «I have sold that for sixty which I bought for fifty. Soon I will know the truth about it.»

So he went back on board his ship, but when he opened his chest, he saw the bottle in it.

«Why are you so worried?» said Lopaka, Keawe’s mate on the ship, «Why are you looking so sadly in your chest

  • Lopaka  — Лопака (друг Кеаве)

They were alone and Keawe told him all.

«This is a very strange thing,» said Lopaka; «and you will be in trouble about this bottle. But don’t worry. Just think what you want with it; and when it is done as, I will buy the bottle myself; because I want to get a clipper, and go trading through the islands.»

«This is my idea,» said Keawe; «I want to have a beautiful house and garden on the Kona Coast, where I was born, the sun shining in at the door, flowers in the garden, glass in the windows, pictures on the walls; and to live there happily with my friends and relatives.»

«Well,» said Lopaka, «let us come back to Hawaii, and if all comes true, I will buy the bottle, as I said, and ask for a clipper.»

Upon that they were agreed. After a while the ship came back to Hawaii. When they came ashore, they saw a friend upon the beach, who looked very sad.

«Have you heard,» said the friend, «your uncle — that good old man — is dead, and your cousin-that beautiful boy — was drowned at sea?»

Keawe became very sad and completely forgot about the bottle. But Lopaka did not and some time later asked his friend «Where did your uncle have lands?»

“On the mountain side,” said Keawe.

«These lands will now be yours?» asked Lopaka.

«And so they will,» says Keawe, and began again to feel sad for his relatives.

«Look here,» said Lopaka, «I have a thought in my mind. Don’t you think that is the doing of the bottle? Now you have the place ready for your house.»

«If this is so,» cried Keawe, «it is a very ill way to serve me by killing my relatives. But it may be indeed.»

«The house, however, is not yet built,» said Lopaka.

«No, and I don’t have money for building it.» said Keawe, «for though my uncle had some land but he didn’t have much money.»

«Let us go to the lawyer,» said Lopaka; «I have still this idea in my mind.»

When they came to the lawyer’s, they knew that Keawe’s uncle had become very rich in the last days, and left Keawe all his money.
«And here is the money for the house!» cried Lopaka.

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