Английские книги для начинающих. The Bottle Imp by R.L. Stevenson (adapted story in English)

The Bottle Imp. Part IV

New words:

  1. go by — идти дальше
  2. visible — видимый
  3. weapons — оружие
  4. mantelpiece — каминная полка
  5. dream — мечтать
  6. ask for a favour — попросить об одолжении
  7. go deep  — увязнуть
  8. pray for — молиться за
  9. give glory to God — возносить славу Богу
  10. escape out of the trouble — избежать неприятностей

The time went by and at last the house was ready. Keawe and Lopaka came to see it.

The house stood on the mountain side, visible to ships. It was three-storey high, with great rooms and large balconies and a garden full of flowers was around it. The windows were of glass as clear as water and as bright as day. Pictures upon the wall were in golden frames: they were pictures of ships, and men fighting, and of the most beautiful women. Chiming clocks and musical boxes, little men with nodding heads, books filled with pictures, weapons from all over the world were on the shelves and mantelpiece. And everyone would be happy living in such house, only walking through the rooms and looking around.

«Well,» asked Lopaka, «is it all as you wished?»

«It is better than I dreamed,» said Keawe.

«There is but one thing to think over,» said Lopaka; «You know, I gave you my word to buy the bottle. But yet I think I want to ask you for a favour.»

«I have sworn I would take no more wishes,» said Keawe. «I have gone already deep enough

«This is not the favour you are thinking of,» said Lopaka. «It is only to see the imp himself. You get nothing from it, so you needn’t worry. So let me see the imp; and, after that, here is the money in my hand, and I will buy it.»

«There is only one thing I am afraid of,» said Keawe. «The imp may be very ugly to look at; and if you once see him you don’t want to buy the bottle.»

«I am a man of my word,» said Lopaka.

«Very well,» replied Keawe. «I am curious myself. So come, let us have one look at you, Mr. Imp.»

As soon as that was said, the imp looked out of the bottle, and in again; and Keawe and Lopaka turned to stone. The night had already come, before each of them could say a word; and then Lopaka gave the money over and took the bottle.

Lopaka went down the mountain; and Keawe stood in his front balcony, and watched him go down the path, and he prayed for his friend and gave glory to God that he himself had escaped out of that trouble.

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  1. twysvetlana says:

    I really like this story.The reading helps me learn Englisn.Thank you very much!

    • Tatiana says:

      Thank you, my dear reader!

  2. Zhazira says:

    thank you for such stories

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