Английские книги для начинающих. The Bottle Imp by R.L. Stevenson (adapted story in English)

The Bottle Imp. Part V

New Words:

  1. terrors — страхи
  2. fame — слава
  3. hurry — спешить
  4. far ahead — далеко вперед
  5. silently — молча
  6. welcome — приветствовать
  7. too much — слишком много
  8. too little — слишком мало
  9. silence — тишина
  10. without rest —  без отдыха

But the next day came very brightly, and that new house of his was so beautiful that he forgot his terrors. One day followed another, and Keawe lived in his house very happily. When anyone came to visit him, he showed them rooms and the pictures. And the fame of the house went far and wide.

So time went by, until one day Keawe went upon a visit to one of his friends. But next morning he left early as he hurried to come back to his beautiful house. On the way home, looking far ahead, he saw a woman bathing in the sea. By the time he came closer, she had come up from the sea, and stood by the track, her eyes shone.

«I thought I knew everyone in this country,» said Keawe. «How comes it that I do not know you?»

«I am Kokua, daughter of Kiano,» said the girl, «and I have just come back from Oahu. Who are you?»

  • Kokua [ko’kua] — Кокуа, дочь Киано

«I will tell you who I am but not now,» said Keawe. Because if you knew who I was, you would not give me a true answer. But tell me, first of all, one thing: are you married?»

At this Kokua laughed out aloud. “Are you married yourself?» asked she.

«Indeed, Kokua, I am not,» said Keawe, «and never thought to be until this hour. But here is the truth. I have met you here, and I saw your eyes, which are like the stars, and my heart went to you. And so now, if you don’t like me, say so, and I will go away.»

Kokua said nothing but she looked at the sea and laughed.

«Kokua,» said Keawe, «if you say nothing, I will take that for the good answer; so let us go to your father’s door.»

She went on ahead of him silently.

Now, when they came to the door, her father came out, and cried out and welcomed Keawe by name. And the girl knew who he was as the fame of the great house had come to her ears. All that evening they were very merry together; but the girl was under the eyes of her parents, and laughed at Keawe. The next day he found the girl alone.

«Kokua,» said he, «you laughed at me all the evening; and it is time for me to go. I would not tell you who I was, because I have so beautiful house, and I was afraid that you would think too much of that house and too little of me. Now you know all, and if you want me to go away, say so at once.»

«No,» said Kokua; but this time she did not laugh.

Keawe came to the Bright House, singing. He sat and ate in the large balcony, and the servants hear him singing all day long. The sun went down into the sea, and the night came; and Keawe walked the balconies by lamplight, still singing.

«Here am I now in my beautiful house,» he said to himself. «And soon I will have a beautiful wife. Life may be no better. I will light up all the lamps, and bathe in my fine bath with the hot water, and sleep on the bed in my best rooms.»

So he asked his servant to get the bath ready for him. When the water began to be hot the servant cried to his master; and Keawe went into the bathroom; and the servant heard him singing but suddenly the song stopped. The servant listened, and listened but there was silence.

But there was no more singing in the Bright House; and all night long the servant heard his master went around the balconies without rest.

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