Английские книги для начинающих. The Bottle Imp by R.L. Stevenson (adapted story in English)

The Bottle Imp. Part VII

New Words:

  1. stuck in his throat — застрясть в горле
  2. in vain — напрасно
  3. <

  4. search — разыскать

  5. set off — отправиться
  6. <

  7. owner of a clipper — владелец клиппера

  8. go upon adventure — отправиться искать приключений
  9. be no use — бесполезно
  10. laywer — юрист
  11. grow rich — разбогатеть
  12. gift — дар

Since that very day he couldn’t sleep; he couldn’t eat or drink as the food stuck in his throat. He sent letters to ports to find his friend but in vain. No news of Lopaka was heard. Then he decided to search Lopaka himself and set off to Honolulu, the place, which Lopaka told him about many times.

When he came to Honolulu, he began to ask for Lopaka. He knew that he had become the owner of a clipper and had gone upon an adventure to some remote islands; so there was no use to look for Lopaka. But people say that he had a friend, a lawyer in the town, who grew suddenly rich, and had a fine new house on the shore.  This put a thought in Keawe’s head, and he drove to the lawyer’s house.

The house was all new, and when the lawyer came, he look very pleased.

«What can I do to serve you?» said the lawyer.

«You are a friend of Lopaka’s,» replied Keawe, «and Lopaka bought from me a certain thing that I thought you might help me to find it.»

The lawyer‘s face suddenly became very dark. «Mr. Keawe,» said he, «this is an ugly business to get in on. You may be sure I know nothing, but yet if you ask (he named a man) I think you might have news.»

So it was for days, and Keawe went from one to another, finding everywhere new clothes, fine new houses and pleased men but when he told them about  his business their faces became dark.

«No doubt I am upon the track,» thought Keawe. «These new clothes and fine houses are all the gifts of the little imp, and these pleased faces are the faces of men who got what they wished and then could get rid of the bottle. When I see pale cheeks and hear sighing, I shall know that I am near the bottle.»

«No doubt I am upon the track.» — Без сомнения я на верном пути.
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  1. twysvetlana says:

    I really like this story.The reading helps me learn Englisn.Thank you very much!

    • Tatiana says:

      Thank you, my dear reader!

  2. Zhazira says:

    thank you for such stories

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