О. Генри. Последний лист (смотреть онлайн на английском языке)

Вы посмотрели две части фильма по мотивам рассказа О. Генри «Последний лист«. Как вы думаете эта история закончится?

Вопросы к фильму. Жирным шрифтом выделены слова, которые надо знать обязательно:

  1. Does Johnsy expect to see the last leaf on the vine after the stormy night?
  2. Whose voice does Mr Ralain hear in his room?
  3. What does it mean «We are all artists and every dead we do is a stroke (мазок кистью) on our painting»?
  4. What has happened to Mr. Ralain?
  5. What did the landlady find in the alley?
  6. What is Mr. Ralain’s masterpiece?
  7. Is the end of the story surprising to you?
  8. Did you like the story? Why? Why not?

Words that might be of some use: die, soak through, the last leaf to fall, his wife, pallete, brushes, yellow paints

* * *

The Last Leaf. Part Three (watch online)

Читать рассказ О. Генри «Последний лист» (на английском языке) — O. Henry «The Last Leaf (part 3)»

О. Генри «Последний лист» (часть 3). Текст к фильму на английском языке

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Scene 9. The artist in his room. (Действующие лица: художник)

  • in your heart – в твоем сердце
  • common artist— заурядный художник
  • dead — поступок
  • a stroke — мазок кистью
  • love and sacrifice – любовь и самопожертвование

— I cannot paint.
— Mon amour, do what is in your heart.
— It is not my heart that moves the brush. I am at best a common artist. I cannot be made of master.
— But we are all artists, and every dead we do is a stroke on our painting. And remember, mon amour, that the greatest portrait of all times is the life of a common God, whose love and sacrifice change the world for ever.
Look at the children playing. Oh, the trees…. The leaves are beginning to fall. The greatest portrait is a love and sacrifice. Every dead is a stroke in our painting.

* * *

Scene 10. Johnsy is better (Действующий лица: Джоанна, Сьюзен)

  • pull up the shade— подними штору

— It’s dark.
— Please, I want to see.
Pull up the shade. Please, pull up the shade.
— I’ll fetch you something to drink. I’ll be back. Lie still.

* * *

Scene 11. The End. (Действующие лица: Сьюзен, домовладелица, доктор)

  • has gone – покинул этот мир
  • soaked through – промок насквозь
  • a ladder and his paints – лестница и краски
  • the palette — палитра
  • masterpiece — шедевр

— I am sorry, miss. I had to be here earlier, another case downstairs.
— Оh, I am glad to see you doctor. She had a very bad night.
— What happened?
— The old man’s gone.
— What?
— Ralain, your French friend!
— He died this morning.
— Oh, no.
— I know that he felt sick.
— Apparently, he was out recently. His coat was soaked through.
— He lost his marbles, lost completely. In all that storm last night he was out with a ladder and his paints. I found his palette in the alley.
I saw the ladder dragged from its place and some scattered brushes and the palette with yellow and red colours mixed on it.
It was weeks before Johnsy noticed the last leaf never flattered, moved when the wind blew. It was Mr. Ralain’s masterpiece. He painted it there the night the last leaf fell.

* * *

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