Смешные истории на английском языке для детей

Смешные истории на английском языке для детейХотите прочитать своему ребенку 25 смешных историй на английском языке замечательной детской писательницы Джейн Тэйер? Истории  добрые и смешные. Текст каждой истории снабжен комментарием, а также упражнениями. Текст относится к уровню для начинающих (beginners). Для начала предлагаю ознакомиться c отрывками из 10 первых историй, публикация которых продолжится немного позже. Желающие могут пока приобрести книгу. А первую историю про кота Тимофея  можно прочитать прямо сейчас на нашем сайте.

Читайте онлайн смешную историю на английском языке про кота, который боялся мышей —  Timothy is afraid of a mouse (a funny story for beginners)

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Смешные истории из цикла «Английский для детей»

Автор Джейн Тэйер

История 1. Кот, который боялся мышей. / Timothy is afraid of a mouse.
Название этой истории говорит само за себя. Да, кот должен ловить мышей, но Тимофей не понимал, почему он должен это делать.

Once there were some people who had a little mouse in their home.
One day they said, “We’ll get a cat. The cat will catch the mouse.”
So they got a cat. The cat’s name was Timothy.
Now the truth was that Timothy was afraid of mice. But the people didn’t know that. They said, “Now, Timothy, will you please catch the mouse?”
You see, cats must catch mice. So Timothy said, “I’ll catch the mouse. But I want to play a little. May I play a little?”
Читать онлайн на английском языке Timothy is afraid of a mouse (a funny story for beginners)

История 2. Люси и Мелинда. / Lucy and Melinda.

“Tomorrow,” said Mother, “you will go to your Grangmother’s.”
“Oh!” said Lucy.
“O.K.” said Melinda.
“Get up, Melinda,” said Lucy next day in the morning. They jumped out of their beds. “We are going to Grandmother’s today!”

История 3. Новогодний подарок для Сэнди. / Sandy’s New Year Present.
Эта добрая история про пса по имени Сэнди. О том, как он обрел заботливых хозяев и даже получил новогодний подарок.

Sandy was a brown dog. He had no home. He was always hungry.
One day Sandy came to the house where Sally, Jimmy, Betsy, their mother and daddy lived.
Sandy was glad to see all of them. He kissed Sally. He kissed Jimmy. He kissed Betsy.
Then Sally, Jimmy and Betsy asked mother, “Can he stay here?”
Mother said, “No!”
Mother said, “Well,…”
Mother said, “Will you be a good dog?”
Sandy said nothing.
Mother said, “ All right, you must be a good dog.”
Sandy was happy, he kissed everyone.

История 4. Собака на время. / The Part-Time Dog.

Brownie was a brown and black dog. He had no home. But he loved everyone.
Brownie said, «Oh, there are some children! They are going to school.» So he ran to school with them.
Brownie said, «Oh, there is Mrs. Green and Mrs. Brown and Mrs. White! They are going to shop!» So he ran to shop with them.

История 5. Дом для миссис Краус. / Mrs. Kraus finds a house.

One day Mrs. Kraus said, “My house is too old. It is too big for me. It has too many cupboards. The garden is too big. And the apple tree gives too much shade.”
Mrs. Kraus said, “I want to move.”
She put on her hat and went to see a man who sold houses for people. She said, “Please sell my house. Please show me a new house that I can buy.”
The man said, “O.K.”

История 6. Волшебная герань. / The Magic Geranium.

Mrs. Smith lived in an old house. The furniture was old. The walls needed paint. The curtains were torn.
One day a friend gave Mrs. Smith a beautiful rose geranium. The friend said, “This is a magic geranium. Put it on your table. It will make your house over.”

make over – преобразить

История 7. О кошке, которая хотела домой. / The Cat that Wanted to Go Home.

Conrad was a cat. One day his family went to visit some friends. So they took Conrad in the car and went to visit their friends.
When Conrad got to the friend’s house, he said, “This is not my house. I don’t like it. I am going home.” And he ran away.
In an hour Conrad saw a house and a lady in front of it. But it wasn’t his house. He said to the lady in his own language, “Could you tell me the way to my house?”

История 8. Добрый ловец собак. / The Kind Dog Catcher.

Mr. Goodkind liked dogs so much that he went to the Mayor of the town and said, “May I be dog catcher?
“Fine,” said the Mayor. We shall pay you two hundred dollars a month. Here is your desk. Here is a yard with a fence around it where you put the stray dogs. When an owner comes to get his dog, he must pay one dollar for a dog’s food. Put the money in the dog-catcher desk.
The telephone rang. “The dog catcher!” said Mr. Goodkind.
“A stray dog frightened my little boy,” said a lady. “Please come and catch him.”

История 9. Гараж для Габриеля. / A Garage for Gabriel.

Once there was a little car whose name was Gabriel. Poor Gabriel had no garage. He lived outdoors. He had a sign that said “For Sale-Cheap.”
Every day Gabriel watched the new cars. They rode by, but never even looked at Gabriel.
“Oh!” thought Gabriel, “I wish I were new!”
“But, most of all,” he said sadly, “I wish to have a garage!”

История 10. О кошке, которая думала, что она человек. / The Cat who Thought He was a Man.

Freddy was a cat who didn’t know he was a cat. He thought he was a man. He lived in a house like a man. He slept on a bed like a man. He ate out of dishes like a man. He sat on a chair like a man. He sat in front of the door of his house like a man. It never entered Freddie’s head that he wasn’t a man.
One night a cat came up to Freddie. The cat said, “Ha! You are the cat who doesn’t know he’s a cat.”
“I am not a cat,” said Freddie.
The cat said, “You are a cat. I can prove it.

Смешные истории на английском языке для детейВсего в этой книге 25 смешных историй известной американской детской писательницы Джейн Тэйер. Это истории про котенка, который боялся мышей, про пса Брауни, который после долгих скитаний наконец обрел хозяев и многие другие. Вы можете купить книгу в 2 вариантах: с диском или без него. Чтобы это сделать, нажмите на картинку!

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