Subtitles to the Cartoon «A Christmas Carol» (2009)

Subtitles to the Cartoon «A Christmas Carol». The Ghost of Marley

Scene 6 (Scrooge and the Ghost of Marley)

— It’s all still a hum…
— How now! What do you want with me?
— Oh, much.
— Who are you?
— Ask me who I was.
— Who were you then?
— In life, I was your partner…Jacob Marley.
— Can you sit down?
— I can.
— Do it then.
— You do not believe in me.
— I don’t.
— Why do you doubt your senses?
— Because the littlest thing can affect them. A slight disorder of the stomach can make them cheat.
— Mercy! Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me?
— Man of worldly mind, do you believe in me or not?
— I do! I must!
— Woe! Woe is me! You are fettered in chains. Why?
— I wear the chain I forged in life. I made it link by link and yard by yard. Do you recognize its pattern? Can you imagine the weight and length of the chain you bear? It was as heavy and long as this seven Christmas Eves ago. Oh, yours is a ponderous chain.
— Jacob, tell me no more.
— I have none to give. I cannot stay. I cannot linger anywhere. Mark me, in life, my spirit never walked beyond our counting house…… Now endless journeys lie before me.
— Seven years dead and traveling all the time?
— The whole time. No rest, no peace.
— You must’ve covered a lot of ground in seven years.
— I was blind! Blind! I could not see my own life! Oh, woe… Oh, woe is me!
— But you were always a good man of business!
— Business! Mankind… was my business. The common welfare was my business. Hear me! My time is nearly gone. I am here to warn you…that you have yet a chance and a hope of escaping my fate.
— You were always a good friend to me, Jacob. Thank you.
— You will be haunted by three spirits.
— That’s the chance and hope?
— I’d rather not.
— Expect the first. ..tomorrow when the bell tolls one. Expect the second the next night at the same hour. And the third upon the next night…at the last stroke of 12. Look to see me no more.

(In the streets)
— I’m sorry.
— I wish I could help you.

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