Мультфильм на английском языке (Oscar Wilde. The Happy Prince)

The Happy Prince (cartoon in English, part 3)

Leaf after leaf of the fine gold the Swallow picked off, till the Happy Prince looked quite dull and grey. Leaf after leaf of the fine gold he brought to the poor, and the children’s faces grew rosier, and they laughed and played games in the street.<…>

Then the snow came, and after the snow came the frost. The streets looked as if they were made of silver, they were so bright and glistening; long icicles like crystal daggers hung down from the eaves of the houses, everybody went about in furs. <…>

What do you think this story will end?

The Happy Prince (мультфильм на английском языке, часть 3)

Questions to the cartoon (part 3):
1. What has the swallow done?
2. What has happend to the swallow in the end?
3. What has happened to the Happy Prince’s heart?
4. What does the prince look like now?
5. What does the mayor order to do with the statue?
6. What has been found in the furnace?

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