The Hound of the Baskervilles (in English, abridged, for upper-intermediate)

English Lessons based on the story The Hound of the Baskervilles Part 7 for Episode 7

The Scenes from the film:

  1. The Disclosure
  2. The Dinner
  3. The Examination of Seldon’s body (based partly on Chapter 11)
  4. The Christmas Party at Baskerville Hall

hound of the baskervilles adapted

You can continue now. Watch Episode 7 of the Hound of the Baskervilles and then read part 7 of the book

Episode 7 corresponds to chapter 13 and partly on chapters 11, 12 of the book. You can read  The Hound of the Baskervilles (in the original)

This part is based on Chapter 13
Sir Henry was more pleased than surprised to see Sherlock Holmes, for he had for some days been expecting that recent events would bring him down from London.
But first I had the unpleasant duty of breaking the news to Barrymore and his wife. To him it may have been a great relief, but she wept bitterly in her apron. To all the world he was the man of violence, half animal and half demon; but to her he always remained the little boy of her own girlhood, the child who had clung to her hand. »

«I’ve been moping in the house all day since Watson went off in the morning,» said the baronet. » If I hadn’t sworn not to go about alone I might have had a more lively evening, for I had a message from Miss Stapleton asking me over there.»

«I have no doubt that you would have had a more lively evening,» said Holmes drily. “How was the invitation made?”
“She sent a note.”
“May I see it?”
“If you think of a Christmas present for Miss Stapleton, she wears white jasmine.”

This part is based on Chapter 11,12, 13 (continuation)
«I have never seen such a vicious attack. The flesh has been ripped from the bone. The larynx has been torn to shreds. »
«It was his clothes that were the reason for the poor devil’s death,» said Holmes. «It is clear enough that the creature has been laid on from some article of Sir Henry’s – the black boot which was abstracted in the hotel, in all probability.»
«Then it is murder?»

Holmes’s voice sank as he answered:
«It is murder, Watson – refined, cold-blooded, deliberate murder. My nets are closing upon him, even as his are upon Sir Henry. There is but one significant danger. Our man should not strike before we are ready.»
“Our man? For God’s sake, Holmes, tell me!”
“He is local. My analysis of the soil that I took from the cab proved that much.”
“It is Stapleton who is our enemy”

«My God!»
«He released the enemy last night in hope that Sir Henry would be out on the moor.»

«Invited by Miss Stapleton? »
«Exactly. At Stapleton’s instigation, I am sure.»

«So, it is he who dogged us in London?»
«So I read the riddle.»
«And the warning cut out from the newspaper – it must have come from her!»
«His wife.»
«I am giving you some information now, in return for all that you have given me. The lady who has passed here as Miss Stapleton is in reality his wife.»

«But are you sure of this, Holmes? How do you know that the woman is his wife?»
«Because he told you a true piece of autobiography when he first met you, and I dare say he has many a time regretted it since. He was once a schoolmaster in the north of England. I made inquiries and found out that the man who had owned it – the name was different – had disappeared with his wife. The descriptions agreed. When I learned that the missing man was devoted to entomology the identification was complete.»

«Good heavens, Holmes! Are you sure of what you say? How could he have permitted Sir Henry to fall in love with her?»
«Sir Henry’s falling in love could do no harm to anyone except Sir Henry. He took particular care that Sir Henry did not make love to her, as you have yourself observed. I repeat that the lady is his wife and not his sister.»
«But why this elaborate deception?»

«Because he foresaw that she would be very much more useful to him in the character of a free woman.»
“And all this you have withheld from me! I am telling you, Holmes, that won’t do. I insist on being fully informed from this point onwards. “
“Of course.”

“Why is he doing it?”
“His motives are not clear to me.”
“Can we arrest him?”

«My dear Watson, you were born to be a man of action. Your instinct is always to do something energetic. But supposing that we had him arrested tonight, what could we prove against him? There’s the devilish cunning of it! If he were acting through a human agent we could get some evidence, but if we were to drag this great dog to the light of day it would not help us in putting a rope round the neck of its master.»
«Surely we have a case.»
«Not a shadow of one – only surmise and conjecture. We should be laughed out of court if we came with such a story and such evidence.»
«There is Sir Charles’s death.»

«Found dead without a mark upon him. You and I know that he died of sheer fright, and we know also what frightened him but how are we to get twelve stolid jurymen to know it? But if we can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the dreadful creature that did this was controlled by Stapleton, set upon its victims by Stapleton, may be than we will have him. We have to prove all this. And one last word, Watson. Say nothing of the hound to Sir Henry. Let him think that Selden has just fallen from the rock. He will have a better nerve for the ordeal which he will have to undergo.”

Next morning Holmes was afoot early, for I saw him as I dressed, coming up the drive.
«Yes, we should have a full day to-day,» he remarked, and he rubbed his hands with the joy of action. «The nets are all in place, and the drag is about to begin. We’ll know before the day is out whether we have caught our big, leanjawed pike, or whether he has got through the meshes.»
«Have you been on the moor already?»

«I have sent a report from Grimpen to Princetown as to the death of Selden. I think I can promise that none of you will be troubled in the matter.»
«Good-morning, Holmes,» said the baronet coming downstairs. «You look like a general who is planning a battle with his chief of the staff.»
«That is the exact situation. Watson was asking for orders.»
«And so do I.»

«Very good. You are engaged, as I understand, to dine with our friends the Stapletons tonight.»
«I hope that you will come also. They are very hospitable people, and I am sure that they would be very glad to see you.»
«I fear that Watson and I must go to London.»
«To London?»
«Yes, I think that we should be more useful there at the present.»

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