The legend of the Hound of Baskervilles (in English, adapted)

Part  Two

  1. to bring — привести
  2. to lock — запереть
  3. to frighten — испугать
  4. fear — страх
  5. to escape — сбежать
  6. across the moors — через болота
  7. to cry aloud — громка закричал
  8. Powers of Evil — Силы зла
  9. to put the hounds upon her — пустить за ней собак
  10. in the moonlight — в лунном свете

They brought the girl to the Baskerville Hall and locked her in an upper room, while Hugo and his friends sat down to a long dinner, as they usually did at night. The poor girl upstairs was terribly frightened at the singing and shouting and awful words which came up to her from below. At last in the stress of her fear she got out of the window and went down the wall by the ivy which covered it. Then she ran towards her home across the moors. Some time later Hugo left his guests, went upstairs and found the cage empty and the bird escaped. He became mad, rushing down the stairs into the dining-hall, and cried aloud before all the company that he would that very night give his body and soul to the Powers of Evil if he could catch the girl. One of the companions, more wicked or more drunken than the rest, cried out that they should put the hounds upon her. Hugo ran from the house and gave the hounds a kerchief of the girl’s, and so off they started after her in the moonlight over the moor.

One thought on “The legend of the Hound of Baskervilles (in English, adapted)
  1. Natalia5599 says:

    Очень интересный сайт, еще было бы пожелание чтобы когда даете перевод например глагола, сразу бы писали его 3 формы, чтобы было понятно какая именно применена в данном случае, или просто без перевода к малоизвестным/новым глаголам давали бы три формы для запоминания.

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