The legend of the Hound of Baskervilles (in English, adapted)

Part Three

  1. shine — (shone-shone) — светить
  2. a shepherd — пастух
  3. the hunt — погоня

They, thirteen in number, took horses and started in pursuit, too. The moon shone clear above them, and they rode fast, following that course which the girl must have taken. They had gone a mile or two when they passed one of the shepherds upon the moorlands, and they asked him if he had seen the hunt. The man, as the story goes, was so crazed with fear that he could hardly speak, but at last he said that he had indeed seen the unhappy girl, with the hounds upon her track. ‘But I have seen more than that,’ said he, ‘for Hugo Baskerville passed me upon his black horse followed by a gigantic back hound. So the drunken men left the shepherd and rode on. But soon their skins turned cold for when they saw the black horse went past with an empty saddle. They moved close together, for a great fear was on them, but they still ran on over the moor. At last the company had stopped.

One thought on “The legend of the Hound of Baskervilles (in English, adapted)
  1. Natalia5599 says:

    Очень интересный сайт, еще было бы пожелание чтобы когда даете перевод например глагола, сразу бы писали его 3 формы, чтобы было понятно какая именно применена в данном случае, или просто без перевода к малоизвестным/новым глаголам давали бы три формы для запоминания.

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