The legend of the Hound of Baskervilles (in English, adapted)

Part Four

  • the clearing — открытое место
  • fatigue — усталость
  • the sight — вид, зрелище
  • raised the hair upon— волосы встали дыбом
  • beast -зверь
  • the throat — горло
  • blazing eyes — сверкающие глаза
  • dripping jaws — слюнявые челюсти
  • for dear life — спасая свою жизнь
  • plagued the family — преследовала семью
  • punish the innocent — наказывать невинных

They saw a broad space in which stood two of those great stones. The moon was shining bright upon the clearing, and there in the centre lay the unhappy girl where she had fallen, dead of fear and of fatigue. But it was not the sight of her body, nor yet was it that of the body of Hugo Baskerviile lying near her, which raised the hair upon the heads of these three men, but it was that, standing over Hugo, and plucking at his throat, there stood a great, black beast, shaped like a hound, yet larger than any hound. And as they looked the thing tore the throat out of Hugo Baskerville. Then it turned its blazing eyes and dripping jaws upon them,and the three cried with fear and rode for dear life, still screaming, across the moor. One man, it is said, died that very night of what he had seen, and the other two were broken men for the rest of their days. Such is the tale, my sons, which have plagued the family ever since. Many of the family have been unhappy in their deaths, which have been sudden, bloody, and mysterious. Yet may we save ourselves in the goodness of Providence, which would not forever punish the innocent beyond that third or fourth generation. To that Providence, my sons, I hereby commend you, and I advise you not to cross the moor in those dark hours when the powers of evil are exalted.”

This from Hugo Baskerville to his sons Rodger and John.

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  1. Natalia5599 says:

    Очень интересный сайт, еще было бы пожелание чтобы когда даете перевод например глагола, сразу бы писали его 3 формы, чтобы было понятно какая именно применена в данном случае, или просто без перевода к малоизвестным/новым глаголам давали бы три формы для запоминания.

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