Thomas Hardy. To Please His Wife (for upper-intermediate)

Сложные слова и выражения:

  • to win him away from her rival- отбить его у своей соперницы
  • There’s a dear. — Вот умница.

CHAPTER ONE (продолжение)

One moonlight evening in the next month Shadrach was walking out of the town to a suburb when he saw a figure before him whom, from her back, he took for Emily. But, on coming up, he found that it was Joanna Phippard. He gave a gallant greeting, and walked beside her.

«Go away,» she said, «or Emily will be jealous!»

But he didn’t go away. What was said and what was done on that walk never could be clearly remembered by Shadrach; but in some way or other Joanna was manage to win him away from her gentler and younger rival. Since then Jolliffe was seen more and more with Joanna Phippard and less in the company of Emily; and it was soon rumoured that captain Jolliffe, who had come home from sea, was going to marry Joanna Phippard, to the great disappointment of her friend.

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