How to write a book review (with a sample review)

В этой статье я расскажу, как писать рецензию на книгу на английском языке (how to write a book review), а именно каков план написания рецензии и какие полезные фразы и выражения рекомендуется использовать в ней. Данный вид письменной работы относится к повышенному уровню сложности в отличие от отзыва о прочитанном произведении — An opinion about a book in English.

В качестве примера рецензии предлагается рецензия на английскую книгу писательницы Донны Тартт «Тайная история» (Secret History by Donna Tartt).рецензию на книгу на английском языке Содержание:

  1. План написания рецензии
  2. Фразы и выражения для рецензии
  3. Образец рецензии на книгу на английском языке

* * *

How to Write a Book Review (in details)

Рецензия на книгу на английском языке

1. План написания рецензии на произведение (The Plan of a Book Review)

A book rewiew is written according to the following plan:

  1. Introduction (an author, a title, a setting, a plot in short) — Введение (автор, название, место действия, краткий сюжет)
  2. The main part (the plot in details, main characters) — Основная часть (сюжет частично, главные герои)
  3. Conclusion  (opinion about the book, reservations, recomendations) — Заключение (личное мнение, недостатки, рекомендации)

* * *

2. Фразы и выражения для рецензии на английском языке (Useful Words for a Book Review)

Общая оценка произведения:

  1. a splendid book — великолепная книга
  2. a powerful novel — производящий сильное впечатление роман
  3. a gripping narrative — захватывающее повествование

О сюжете:

  1. be meticulously (intricately) constructed — тщательно продуман
  2. be richly detailed (is rich and detailed in plot) — сюжет богат деталями
  3. be set in — происходит в
  4. be told by — (повествование) ведется от …
  5. hold the attention right up to the final page — удерживать внимание читателя до последней страницы
  6. The contrast between ….be done most skillfully — Контраст между … выполнен мастерски.

Мнение о произведении:

  1. The only reservation of the book… — Единственный недостаток книги…
  2. It is difficult to put the book down… — Трудно отложить книгу …
  3. I highly recommend the book to … — Я очень рекомендую эту книгу…

* * *

3. An Example of a Review on the Book «The Secret History» by Donna Tratt

The Secret History is a powerful novel written by the American writer Donna Tartt. The story is set in New England and shows the life of students in some prestigious college. It is told by the fellow Richard Popen, who recently moved to the area from Calofornia. He happened to be aware of a terrible secret, which changed his life forever.

The Secret History is rich and detailed in plot and provide many layers for the reader to explore. The intricately constructed murder will hold your attention right up to the final page. The book is moving at times and amusing at others. The background of the book contains references to Ancient Greece, which you are sure to enjoy if you are interested in history.

As for the characters, Donna Tratt has managed to create different personalities from indulgent parents to light-hearted hippies. She is very convincing and depicted her characters very true to life. The contrast between the sophisticated ideas of the elite group of students and their contemporaries is done most skilfully.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the only reservation of the book is its length. It has more over 500 pages, so it is rather long. However, it’s difficult to put the book down. I highly recommend The Secret History  to everyone as the greatest achievement of this young novelist.

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