The Biography of Shakespeare (in short. easy reading). Plays and Sonnets by Shakespeare

The Biography of Shakespeare in short

How it all began in Stratford-upon-Avon…  This English town is famous for the birthplace of William Shakespeare (1564—1616), one of the greatest writers in the world. He founded the Theatre in England.

It was the 16th century. When William was a young man, there were no theatres in Eng­land. Groups of actors travelled from town to town and played in different places, usually out-of-doors. Sometimes actors came to Stratford. Young Wil­liam went to see all their shows and liked them very much. He wanted to become an actor. Sometimes he wrote little plays himself and staged them with  his  friends.

William Shakespeare. King Lear (in English, for beginners)

The tragedy «King Lear» was written by William Shakespeare in 1605-1606.

The story is about the king’s  family and shows us the relationship between king Lear and his three daughters. The king wanted to know which of the three daughters loved him most. But the king was blind to see that two daughters lied to him. Only one  daughther told the truth but the king didn’t like her words.

To know what happened to the king in the end, you are to read the story «King Lear», which is retold for beginners.  It is a moral story about blind love, greed and wrong deeds.

Вильям Шекспир. Гениальный английский поэт и драматург

Вильям Шекспир. Это одно из тех имен, которое до сих пор заставляет людей удивляться, восхищаться и задумываться. Наша планета движется вперед, но звезда великого Шекспира светит постоянно.

«Вот золото, возьми. Для душ людских в нем яд похуже.

В этом жалком мире оно убийств куда свершает больше,
Чем эта смесь несчастная твоя, которую ту продавать боишься.

Не ты мне — я тебе сейчас дал яду. Прощай! Купи еды и потолстей!
Не яд с собой — лекарство я возьму к Джульетте в склеп.

Прибегну там к нему.»

Цитата из произведения В. Шекспира «Ромео и Джульетта»