Jack London. The Apostate (adapted for pre-intermediate)

Part 7

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New Words to Learn:

  1. announce объявлять
  2. deny отрицать
  3. calmness – спокойствие
  4. moves – движения

«Now go away, ma, and let me finish my dream.»
Johnny told that quietly, then he turned over on his side and went to sleep. At ten o’clock he got up and dressed himself. He walked out into the kitchen, where he found his mother.

«I’m going away, ma,» he announced, «and I want to say good-by.» She sat down suddenly and wept. He waited.

«Where?» she finally asked, looking at him with a frightened face.

«I don’t know — anywhere.»

«And your job?» she wondered.

«I am never going to work again.»

«My God, Johnny!» she exclaimed, «don’t say that!» What he said was shock to her. As if her child denies God.

«What’s got into you?» she asked.

«Figures,» he answered. «Just figures. I’ve been doing a lot of calculating this week, and it’s most surprising.»

«I don’t understand you,» she said.

Johnny smiled patiently, and his mother noticed his calmness.

«I’ll show you,» he said. « What makes me tired? Moves.  I’ve been moving ever since I was born. I’m tired of moving, and I am not going to move anymore. Remember when I worked in the glass factory? I did three hundred dozen bottles a day. I made about ten different moves to each bottle. That’s thirty-six thousand moves a day. Ten days, three hundred and sixty thousand moves a day. One month, one million and eighty thousand moves. —  plus eighty thousand, that makes a million moves a month — twelve million moves a year.

«Now this week I didn’t move at all. I didn’t make one move in hours and hours. I tell you it was amazing, just sitting there, hours and hours, and doing nothing. I have never been so happy before. I have never had any time. I’ve been moving all the time. That is no way to be happy. And I am not going to do it anymore.»

9 thoughts on “Jack London. The Apostate (adapted for pre-intermediate)
  1. ksen20 says:

    Добрый день.Большое спасибо за ваш прекрасный сайт,случайно зашла и теперь не могу оторваться.Такое удовольствие читать на английском языке,узнавать новое и вспоминать,что забылось.Спасибо за ваш труд!

    • Tatiana says:

      Здравствуйте! Читайте и получайте удовольствие))

  2. twysvetlana says:

    Чтение этой книги подтвердило.что мой уровень-Pre intermediate.Но я с удовольствием читаю книги и Intermediate.Мне очень нравится объяснение слов на английском языке.это расширяет и закрепляет словарный запас.

    • Tatiana says:

      Светлана, спасибо за ваш feedback! Раз нравится объяснение слов на английском, то уровень скорее intermediate)

  3. twysvetlana says:

    I’ve completed reading this story.I liked it.I would want to know the boy’s fate.That time was heavy and unhappy for children. I thankful you for reading such short stories.

    • Tatiana says:

      Svetlana, you are a very devoted reader. Thank you for your feedback!

  4. Kish-Mish says:

    Я даже всплакнул на 8 странице

    • Tatiana says:

      Спасибо, что читаете рассказы Джека Лондона на сайте!

  5. Екатерина says:

    it’s a beautiful story, has a really strong plot! I think that there are few people in the world who can be able to do this hard work at the age of 14, instead of playing games with their friends and go to school like other children do.

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