Jerome K. Jerome. Two Short Humorous Stories (in English, in the original)

Read online two short stories by Jerome K. Jerome to enjoy English humour. These are the shortest and the most humorous stories in the original.

You may know that the English writer Jerome K. Jerome is best known for his two sequels: «Three men in a boat» and «Three men on the bummel».

You will find other stories by Jerome K. Jerome  and the best stories by other English writers on the website Enjoy reading!

Sarah Jewett. A White Heron (an English story in the original)

An English story to read online in the original. A White HeronThis is a romantic story about a lonely country girl who didn’t betray her love for nature for the sake of her love for a young man. It is one of the best stories by the American writer Sarah Jewett, first published in 1886. This nature-themed story is recommended for the English learners who have an advanced level. The story is divided into 9 parts, each has some new words to learn.

Read online the full original text of the story or A White Heron (a story adapted for begnner/ pre-intermediate level)

Sherwood Anderson. The Egg (in English, in the original, 1921)

The Egg (a short story in English by Sherwood Anderson)

You can read the same story adapted for the pre-intermediate level — The Egg by Sherwood Anderson (a story in English for pre-intermediate)

Part One

A short story by Sherwood Anderson in the originalMY FATHER was, I am sure, intended by nature to be a cheerful, kindly man. Until he was thirty-four years old he worked as a farmhand for a man named Thomas Butterworth whose place lay near the town of Bidwell, Ohio. He had then a horse of his own and on Saturday evenings drove into town to spend a few hours in social intercourse with other farmhands. In town he drank several glasses of beer and stood about in Ben Head’s saloon—crowded on Saturday evenings with visiting farmhands. Songs were sung and glasses thumped on the bar. At ten o’clock father drove home along a lonely country road, made his horse comfortable for the night and himself went to bed, quite happy in his position in life. He had at that time no notion of trying to rise in the world.

R. Stevenson. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (read and listen online in the original)

книги на английском языкеКнига на английском языке «The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde» не является адаптированной, однако читать такие книги очень полезно. На первый взгляд это может показаться сложным, но на самом деле надо просто научиться игнорировать незнакомые слова, которые, как правило, относятся к литературному стилю и придают произведению образность и своеобразие. Однако с точки зрения расширения вашего словарного запаса, а также понимания эти слова не являются существенными.

A. Conan Doyle. The Hound of the Baskervilles (audiobook in English, in the original)

Audiobook «The Hound of the Baskervilles» by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with text

(read and listen online in English in the original)

Audiobook The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthor Conan DoyleThis story happened on the desolate, treacherous moors of Devonshire. The curse haunting the family of the Baskervilles for many years became a reality.  Just as it was written in the legend, a frightful hound came out of the hell and caused the horrifying death of Sir Charles Baskervilles. It is one of the most horrible Sherlock Holmes’s  stories that has ever been writtten. Enjoy reading it online and practice your listening skills. Besides, each chapter is read by a different reader. Chapters №1,3,7,12,14 are read by Lady Maria, chapters №2,15 are read by ToddHM, chapters №3 is read by Jake Woldstad, chapter №5 is read by Kevin W. Davidson, chapters №6,10 are read by Maria Kasper, chapter № 8 is read by Zloot, chapter №9 is read by Dgulino, chapters №11,13 are read by Lynne Thompson.

O. Henry. A Retrieved Reformation (audiobook in English, in the original)

We continue reading and listening English stories and go on to the American writer O. Henry and one of his most interesting stories — «A Retrieved Reformation».

This is an audiobook and it has the original text of the story «A Retrieved Reformation».

We hope you will enjoy listening and reading it online free. We always choose the best English stories from the collection of the classics for you.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (in the original, download)

Agatha Christie The murder of Roger Ackroyd download

It is a masterpiece by Agatha Christie. This detective story made her famous in 1926. And it is still worth reading now. The plot is not very intricate. It starts with a murder and the famous detective Hercule Poirot is asked to investigate it. But the murder turns out to be rather mysterious… Yet Hercule Poirot did his best and found the murderer who was… But I won’t tell you because it is the surprise ending that makes this story special.
If you are an advanced English learner we suggest that you should read the story «The Murder of Roger Ackroyd» in the original. The first chapter of the story (with audio) is available on the website.

Oscar Wilde. The Picture of Dorian Gray (audiobook in English, in the original)

Книги на английском языке в оригинале читать и слушать онлайн

Читать книги на английском языке необходимо для поддержания словарного запаса. Но важно не только читать, но и слушать книги на английском языке. Почему? Когда мы слушаем, мы изучаем язык по принципу погружения, как дети. Это самый простой способ, который работает на уровне подсознания. Слушая текст, мы невольно запоминаем правильное произношение слов, улавливаем интонационный рисунок фраз. Если Вы перестаете понимать о чем идет речь, значит Вы либо не знаете слова, либо их звуковой образ  в вашей памяти не совпадает с графическим. В таком случае надо обратиться к тексту. Не забудьте, что к сайту подключен словарь. Кликнув на слове 2 раза, Вы сможете проверить его произношение и перевод. Это очень удобно! Итак, НАЧИНАЕМ.