English Subtitles to Great Expectations (BBC, 2011, episodes 1-3)

BBC Great Expectations (subtitles)

Dear English leaners! We are glad that you are interested in the English classics and especially Charles Dickens. We present to you 2 variants of the English subtitles to Great Expectations, BBC 2011:

  • subtitles in file.srt
  • the text of subtitles in English in file.pdf

The second variant will be useful for those who woud like not only to enjoy the film but also want to enlarge their vocabulary. The subtitles are given in the form of a text and divided into scenes. Enjoy the English classics through movies!

English Subtitles to Great Expectations BBC, 2011 (download)

English Subtitles in file.srt —СКАЧАТЬ (Episode 1-3)

* * *

English Subtitles (text) for those who learn English

Episode 1


— You scream again and I’ll cut your throat.
— Are you alone?
— Talk! Is anyone with you? You talk!
— No-one.
— Where’s your mother and father?
— They’re dead and buried.
— Who are you living with? — Don’t gawp at me, boy! Who you living with?
— My sister and Joe Gargery. He a magistrate? A soldier? What is this Joe Gargery?
— He’s a blacksmith!
— A blacksmith.
— Is he close by?

— Is he close by?
— The marsh road.
— A blacksmith.
— Do you know what a file is, boy?
— This is what we’re going to do. You’re going to run back to Joe Gargery’s forge. And you’re going to steal me a file.
— I can’t steal from Joe.
— You’re going to steal me a file and bring it back here. And if you breathe one word, I’ll know. Do you know how I’ll know? Cos I’ve got a friend, watching you. He’s watching you now. His eyes are always on you. And he’s a savage. And you think of betraying me and he’ll get you, he’ll eat your tongue, your liver and your lights. He’ll eat your beating heart right in front of you. Now, you go and fetch me that file and you bring it back here. Get. Get!

* * *


 —  What happened to you?
— I fell over.
— You’re frozen. Get by the hearth.
— The state of you! Slarted in filth! — Like I’ve not enough to do!
— It’s only a bit of mud. Let him have his warm.
— He can warm himself working. — Unless you want me to do it all and wear my fingers to the knuckle? Is that what you want, Mr Gargery? Your wife worn to nothing and at Christmas too?
— No, Missus.
— Coal! Now! And boots off before you come in my parlour!
— Best go, Pip. Before she gets rampageous.

Episode 1 (text)

* * *

English Subtitles to Great Expectations BBC 2011

B. English Subtitles (text) to Great Expectations (Episodes 2,3)

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