О. Генри. Последний лист (учебный фильм смотреть онлайн на английском языке)

Сегодня будем смотреть небольшой фильм по мотивам рассказа О. Генри «Последний лист». В отличие от оригинального произведения, здесь речь идет не о двух подругах, а о двух сестрах. К фильму прилагается английский текст, который разбит на сцены. Вы можете использовать его и разыгрывать сцены по ролям. Всем успехов!

О. Генри. Последний лист (учебный фильм на английском языке)

  • Часть 1
  • Часть 2
  • Часть 3

* * *

Последний лист. Часть 1 (смотреть онлайн на английском языке)

Вопросы к фильму. Жирным шрифтом выделены слова, которые надо знать обязательно:

  1. Where does the action of the story take place?
  2. What is the occupation of the main characters?
  3. What is Mr.Ralain by profession?
  4. What has he been doing for 15 years?
  5. What does he do for a living?
  6. How much does he earn?
  7. What does he spend the money on?
  8. Who are Sue and Joanna?
  9. What has happened to Johnsy?
  10. What does the doctor worry about?
  11. What does Johnsy do lying in bed?

Words that might be of some use: greengrocer, greengrocery, artist, painter, paints, canvas, brushes, fall ill, be gravely ill, will to live, pneumonia, count, count backwards, masterpiece

* * *

The Last Leaf. Part One (watch online)

Читать рассказ О. Генри «Последний лист» (на английском языке, intermediate) — O. Henry «The Last Leaf (part 1)»

О. Генри «Последний лист» (часть 1). Текст к фильму на английском языке

Introduction. Введение

  • immigrants and artists — иммигранты и художники
  • low rents — низкая арендная плата
  • obstinate old man — упрямый старик
  • crusty exterior — неприветливая наружность
  • gentle and caring — мягкий и заботливый
  • masterpiece — шедевр
  • cold, unseen stranger — холодный невидимый враг
  • pneumonia — пневмония (воспаление легких)
  • icy fingers — ледяные пальцы
  • will to live — воля к жизни

This small district of New York attracted immigrants and artists like myself. The artists came for north windows (см. прим.)  and eighteen century gables of Dutch attics. The immigrants came for the low rents.

Примечание. Художники предпочитают окна, выходящие на север, потому что именно такой рассеянный свет необходим для живописи.

I lived on the top floor of a three-storey brick building with my sister Johnsy.

On the floor beneath us lived another artist, Mister Ralain, an obstinate old man but beneath his crusty exterior gentle and caring man. Over fifty years he dreamt of painting his masterpiece. But he could never put on canvas what was in his heart.

In November a cold, unseen stranger, called Pneumonia, brought fear and death about our small district, touching one here and one there with his icy fingers.

It took from my sister’s tiny frail body her immense love of life. And finally even her will to live.

* * *

Scene 1. Near the shop. (Действующие лица: полицейский, Сьюзен, художник).

  • be worth — стоить
  • canvas, washes — полотно, белила (необходимы художнику для работы)

— What’s up? Step back. Step back. What is happening?
— He’s fine, Miss. He’s a bit shaking.
— You know this man?
— Yes.
— That’s all right. Mister Ralain. It’s not important.
— Bui it is important.
— Why, you shouldn’t have been out in this weather.
— I have to be.
— Why?
— I am working. I am carrying the vegetables and fruits for Mr. Shlausser. He pays me a dollar.
— Can a dollar be worth more than your health?
— It is not just one dollar.
— Then what?
— To me it is paints, canvas, washes
— Life is for art, that’s what you’re always telling me. I’ll tell Mr. Shlausser that you need to go home and get some rest. And you promised to tell me about Rembrandt today.
— (Mon cherri.) We will talk about Rembrandt later. I’ll have to finish my work.

* * *

Scene 2 . In the shop. ( Действующие лица: продавец, Сьюзен, художник)

  • keep alive — держит его на этом свете
  • his painting affairs — эта его мазня

— Guten Tag, Fraulein. How is your sister today?
— Oh, better, I hope.
— Lemons?
— Yes, and a couple of oranges, too. Mr. Shlausser, Mr. Ralain has been working…
— …. He makes me crazy. The onle thing that is keeping him alive is his painting affairs. He’s been carrying apples for 8 years to paint the Mona Liza.
— To your sister with my compliments.
— Hey, I’ll give you your money now. You go home now.
— But I haven’t finished my work.
— You have finished when I say you have finished.
— No, no.
— Please, get him out of here.
— Let’s go.
— I help you get comfortable.
— No, no. I’ll look after myself. Take care of your sister.
— Don’t forget. You promised to tell me again of Paris and Rembrandt.

* * *

Scene 3. Talk with the doctor. (Действующие лица: Сьюзен, доктор).

  • power of medicine — сила лекарств
  • the power of one’s will — сила чьей-то воли
  • has made up her mind — решила
  • to get well — поправляться

— How is she?
— I am afraid she is not better.
— What are you going to do?
— I know the power of medicine in case of pneumonia. And I know the power of one’s will. That little lady has made up her mind that she is not going to get well.
— Johnsy is fourteen years old. She doesn’t want to die.
— I will look in next morning. I hope we’ll have her through the night.
— Good day, Miss.

* * *

Scene 4. Johnsy in her bed. (Действующие лица: Джоанна, ее сестра Сьюзен).

  • fall faster — падать быстрее
  • made my head ache — у меня от напряжения болела голова

— They’re falling faster now. Three days ago it made my head ache to count them all. They were so many. Now it’s easy. There goes another one. Now there are only seven there.»
— Only seven what?
— Leaves. When the last one falls I must go, too.
— Nonsense!

* * *

Последний лист. Часть 2 (смотреть онлайн на английском языке)

Вопросы к фильму. Жирным шрифтом выделены слова, которые надо знать обязательно:

  1. Why is the landlady angry?
  2. Does Johnsy feel better?
  3. How many leaves are left on the vine now?
  4. What is Johnsy waiting for?
  5. Why has Mr Ralain come to Susan?
  6. Why is Susan crying?
  7. Who is dying?
  8. Who is Mary?
  9. Who died?
  10. What will be in the end of the story, in your opinion?

Words that might be of some use: leaf — leaves, the last leaf to fall, pay money, pay the rent, be worse, feel worse, be better, show sketches, die, wait for, give up, get well, leave — left- left

* * *

The Last Leaf. Part Two (watch online)

Читать рассказ О. Генри «Последний лист» (на английском языке) — O. Henry «The Last Leaf (part 2)»

О. Генри «Последний лист» (часть 2). Текст к фильму

Scene 5 . On the stairs. (Действующие лица: домовладелица, Сьюзен)

  • landlady — домовладелица
  • slipped away — ушла от нас
  • rent — арендная плата
  • patient — терпеливый
  • much trouble — много проблем
  • poor widow — бедная вдова

— Miss ….? May I have a word with you?
— Can you wait a bit later? I wouldn’t like my sister to wait for too long.
— She’s no better then. Oh, she reminds me of my cousin, Claire. She was sick, just like your sister before she slipped away. It was cold weather …. just like this.
— I suppose you are asking me about the rent.
— You did say that you were waiting for the money to come from the book illustration . That was last week.
— I know but it hasn’t come yet.
— Well, I am a very patient woman and a Christian. I have much troubles, too. I am a poor widow. The only income is from this building, you know. That’s all I am saying.
— I am sure the money will be by next week.
— That’s what you said last week.

* * *

Scene 6. Joanna and Susan. (Действующие лица: Джоанна, Susan)

  • a dying vine…- облетающий плющ
  • struggle so hard — еще держатся
  • have to wait for- нужно ждать

— Well, it is very wet outside.
— They are falling faster now.
— Oh, Johnsy, you are watching a dying vine…
— Wind….It’s so strong. The last three leaves, they struggle so hard on to the vine. But in the end it doesn’t matter. The last leaf falls just like the first.
— Johnsy, what are you saying?
— I just have to wait for the last leaf to fall.

* * *

Scene 7. Talk with the painter. (Действующие лица: художник, Сьюзен)

  • blows off — сорвет
  • is obsessed with — навязчивая идея
  • gonna die — собирается умереть
  • foolishness — глупость
  • givе up — сдаваться
  • failure artisit — никудышный художник

— Mr. Ralain?
— It’s a stormy night. Now is it good time for your lesson?
— I think so, thank you.
— Johnsy is worse?
— Yes, and I can’t reach the doctor.
— Then you are doing all, you can do. I have here my poor Paris scetches.
— Come in.
— This is the Eiffel, when you get to Paris , you will see it.
— I am so far away from here……so peaceful.
— Peaceful?
— She keeps watching on leaves on that vine outside her window.
— Leaves? These are leaves. Look. I was sketching.
— She is sure that when the wind blows off the last leaf from the vine…You haven’t heard a word that I have said. She is dying.
— What?
— She wants to die. She is obsessed with the leaves on that vine outside of the window. She thinks when the last leaf falls off that vine she`s gonna die, too
— It’s foolishness. That girl has so much to live for. Paris!
— Don’t talk to me about Paris. I don’t care about Paris. Don’t you see…. Don’t you see…. Your Paris is dream. This is reality. Tonight is reality. I am sorry, Mr. Ralain. I know you tried to help, you are a kind man.
— Kind? I am not kind. You are giving up, just like your sister`s giving up. I may be a failure artisit but I know talent. It is a gift. You must not waist it. Go and call your doctor.

* * *

Scene 8. Johnsy in her bed. (Действующие лица: художник, Джонси)

  • fight — бороться
  • burden — обуза
  • am tired of— устала
  • be afraid to — бояться

— Is that you, Sue?
— No, it’s me. You look …
— You know, Mr. Ralain.
— You’re young. The whole world lies ahead of you. You must fight.
— I don’t want to fight anymore. I am tired of being a burden.
— Don’t say that. Why do you let such foolishness come into your head? Look at me. Look at me. I too thought that I was a burden on Mary. She thought my art was a gift from God. She was wrong. But you…, you are young. And soon you will take a trip to Paris. You will study dancing. And your sister will paint. You must fight like that vine. Have you noticed how it grows from the bottom of the wall? ….. Such will to live. Like my Mary…
— But Mary died. And mother and father died. And after struggling to that wind the vine will die.
— Johnsy, you must not be afraid to live.

* * *

Последний лист. Часть 3 (смотреть онлайн на английском языке)

Вы посмотрели две части фильма по мотивам рассказа О. Генри «Последний лист«. Как вы думаете эта история закончится?

Вопросы к фильму. Жирным шрифтом выделены слова, которые надо знать обязательно:

  1. Does Johnsy expect to see the last leaf on the vine after the stormy night?
  2. Whose voice does Mr Ralain hear in his room?
  3. What does it mean «We are all artists and every dead we do is a stroke (мазок кистью) on our painting»?
  4. What has happened to Mr. Ralain?
  5. What did the landlady find in the alley?
  6. What is Mr. Ralain’s masterpiece?
  7. Is the end of the story surprising to you?
  8. Did you like the story? Why? Why not?

Words that might be of some use: die, soak through, the last leaf to fall, his wife, pallete, brushes, yellow paints

* * *

The Last Leaf. Part Three (watch online)

Читать рассказ О. Генри «Последний лист» (на английском языке) — O. Henry «The Last Leaf (part 3)»

О. Генри «Последний лист» (часть 3). Текст к фильму на английском языке

Scene 9. The artist in his room. (Действующие лица: художник)

  • in your heart – в твоем сердце
  • common artist— заурядный художник
  • dead — поступок
  • a stroke — мазок кистью
  • love and sacrifice – любовь и самопожертвование

— I cannot paint.
— Mon amour, do what is in your heart.
— It is not my heart that moves the brush. I am at best a common artist. I cannot be made of master.
— But we are all artists, and every dead we do is a stroke on our painting. And remember, mon amour, that the greatest portrait of all times is the life of a common God, whose love and sacrifice change the world for ever.
Look at the children playing. Oh, the trees…. The leaves are beginning to fall. The greatest portrait is a love and sacrifice. Every dead is a stroke in our painting.

* * *

Scene 10. Johnsy is better (Действующий лица: Джоанна, Сьюзен)

  • pull up the shade— подними штору

— It’s dark.
— Please, I want to see.
Pull up the shade. Please, pull up the shade.
— I’ll fetch you something to drink. I’ll be back. Lie still.

* * *

Scene 11. The End. (Действующие лица: Сьюзен, домовладелица, доктор)

  • has gone – покинул этот мир
  • soaked through – промок насквозь
  • a ladder and his paints – лестница и краски
  • the palette — палитра
  • masterpiece — шедевр

— I am sorry, miss. I had to be here earlier, another case downstairs.
— Оh, I am glad to see you doctor. She had a very bad night.
— What happened?
— The old man’s gone.
— What?
— Ralain, your French friend!
— He died this morning.
— Oh, no.
— I know that he felt sick.
— Apparently, he was out recently. His coat was soaked through.
— He lost his marbles, lost completely. In all that storm last night he was out with a ladder and his paints. I found his palette in the alley.
I saw the ladder dragged from its place and some scattered brushes and the palette with yellow and red colours mixed on it.
It was weeks before Johnsy noticed the last leaf never flattered, moved when the wind blew. It was Mr. Ralain’s masterpiece. He painted it there the night the last leaf fell.

* * *

Далее смотрите онлайн еще один фильм по рассказу О.Генри «Последний лист» — O. Henry «The Last Leaf» (watch online)

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