Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman (in English, adapted for intermediate)

Рей Брэдбери. Короткие рассказы на английском языкеСегодня читаем короткие рассказы на английском языке.  Рассказ Рэя Брэдбери  «Крик из-под земли» (Ray Bradbury «The Screaming Woman») адаптирован до  уровня СРЕДНИЙ (intermediate), стиль автора полностью сохранен. Рассказ «The Screaming Woman» не самый известный из рассказов Рей Брэдбери, но сюжет его просто захватывающий, при том, что повествование ведется от имени десятилетней девочки. Конец рассказа ОЧЕНЬ неожиданный.

Рассказ разделен на 8 небольших частей и к каждой части прилагаются слова для изучения и комментарии. Изучайте английский язык с нами. Удачи!

Ray Bradbury (короткие рассказы на английском языке)

Изучение английского языка самостоятельно

The Screaming Woman (in English, adapted for intermediate)

Слова, которые вы будете знать, если прочитаете эту историю:

  1. scream – 1. крик; 2. кричать
  2. pay no attention to smb – не уделять внимания кому-то.
  3. the bombed site – пустырь
  4. broken glass – битое стекло
  5. dirt – грязь
  6. rocks – камни
  7. rubbish – мусор
  8. stuff – дрянь, хлам
  9. hole – яма
  10. ground, soil – земля
  11. bury – захоронить
  12. dig out (excavate) – выкапывать
  13. fill – заполнить
  14. shed – сарай
  15. spade – лопата
  16. shovel – совок
  17. choke – задыхаться
  18. suffocate – умереть от недостатка воздуха
  19. keep screaming – продолжать кричать
  20. cry for help – звать на помощь

The Contents (содержание):

  1. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 1. The Bombed Site
  2. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 2. Ice Cream
  3. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 3. Piggy Bank
  4. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 4. Lunch
  5. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 5. Silence
  6. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 6. Lost Labour
  7. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 7. The Last Thing to do
  8. Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Рart 8. The End

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 1 «The Bombed Site»

Грамматический комментарий:

  • like – 1. нравиться; 2. как (предлог);
  • go on/ keep – продолжать


  1. like ours – как наша
  2. like burying people – как закапывать людей
  3. go on buttering your toastпродолжать намазывать хлеб маслом
  4. keep screaming – продолжать кричать
We never thought we would have anything to do with a murdered woman. —  Мы никогда не думали, что нам придется иметь дело с убитой женщиной.

My name is Margaret Leary and I’m ten years old. I haven’t any brothers or sisters, but I’ve got a nice father and mother but they don’t pay much attention to me. And anyway, we never thought, we would have anything to do with a murdered woman. Or almost, anyway.

When you are living in a road like ours, you don’t think about awful things that are going to happen, like burying people under the ground, practically in your back garden. And when it does happen, you don’t believe it. You just go on buttering your toast or baking a cake.

I’ll tell you how it happened. It was in the middle of July. It was hot and Mother said to me: “Margaret, you go to the shop and buy some ice-cream. It’s Saturday. Dad’s home for lunch, so we’ll have a treat.”

I ran across the bombed site behind our house. It was a place where kids played and there was broken glass and stuff.

On my way back from the shop with the ice-cream I was just walking along, when all of a sudden it happened.

I heard the Screaming Woman. I stopped and listened. It was coming from out of the ground. A woman was buried under the rocks and dirt and glass, and was screaming, all wild and horrible, for someone to dig her out.

I just stood there, afraid, and she kept screaming. Then I started to run. I fell down, got up again and ran some more.

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 2 «Ice-cream»

  1. yard — двор, ярд (английская мера длины)
  2. melt — таять
  3. certainзд. уверенный

Грамматический комментарий:
We have got to – Нам придется (оборот аналогичный have to — приходится)

We’ve got to dig her out.  — Нам придется ее выкопать.

I opened the door of our house and there was Mother, calm and not knowing what I knew, that there was a real live woman buried at the back of our house, just a hundred yards away, crying for help.
«Don’t just stand there with the ice-cream melting,» said Mother.
«But, Mum» I said.
«Put it in the fridge,» she said.
«Listen, Mum, there’s a Screaming Woman…»
«And wash your hands,» said Mother.
«She was screaming and screaming …Listen to me,» I said, loudly. «We’ve got to dig her out. She‘s buried under tons and tons of dirt and if we don’t dig her out, she’ll choke and die.»
«I’m certain she can wait until after lunch,» said Mother.
«Mum, don’t you believe me?»
«Of course, dear. Now wash your hands and take this plate in to your father.»
«I don’t even know who she is or how she got there,» I said. «But we’ve got to help her before it’s too late.»
«Good heavens.» said Mother. «Look at this ice-cream. What did you do, just stand in the sun and let it melt?«

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 3 «Piggy Bank»

  • I don’t feel like an archaeologist. – У меня нет желания быть археологом сейчас.
  • It took meзд. Мне потребовалось; (конструкция It takes – требуется)
  • piggy bank – копилка
  • save – копить
  • feel like a real meanie – чувствовать себя настоящим злодеем
  • free of charge – бесплатно (уст. выражение)

I went into the dining-room.
«Dad, there’s a Screaming Woman in the bombed site.»
«You look very unhappy,» said Father.»We’ve got to get spades and shovels and excavate» I said.
«I don’t feel like an archaeologist, Margaret,» said Father. «It’s too hot now. Some nice cool October day, we’ll do it, I promise.»
«But we can’t wait that long,» I almost screamed. I was excited and scared and here was Dad, putting meat on his plate and paying me no attention.
«Dad?» I said.
«Dad, you‘ve just got to come out after lunch and help me,» I said. «Dad, Dad, I’ll give you all the money in my piggy bank
«Well,» said Dad. «So, it’s a business, isn’t it? It must be important for you if you give me your money. How much money will you pay by the hour?»
«I’ve got ten shillings. It took me a year to save, and it’s all yours.»
Dad touched my arm.
«Oh, you want me to play with you and pay for my time. Margaret, your old Dad feel like a real meanie. I don’t pay much attention to you, I think. Tell you what, after lunch I’ll come out and listen to your screaming woman, free of charge.»
«Will you, oh, will you, really?»
«Yes,» said Dad. «But you must promise me one thing.»
«If I come out, you must eat all of your lunch first.»
«I promise,» I said.
Mother came in and sat down and we started to eat.
«Not so fast,» she said. I slowed down. Then I started eating fast again.
«You heard your mother,» said Dad.
«The Screaming Woman,» I said. «We must hurry.»
«I,» said Father, «will sit here quietly and give my attention first to my steak, then to my ice-cream, and then to my beer. And another thing, young lady, if you say her name, this screaming woman, once more at this table during lunch, I won’t go out with you to hear her.»
«Yes, sir.»
«Is that understood?»
«Yes, sir,» I said.

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 4 «Lunch»

  • nearly married – чуть не женился
  • I feel sorrу for her. – Мне жаль ее.
  • a terrible brute – ужасное чудовище
  • had the lead in our school play – играла ведущую роль в пьесе
  • either – тоже ( в отличие от too употребляется в отрицат. предл.)

Грамматический комментарий:
I had to – Мне пришлось (констр. have to — приходится)

Lunch was a million years long. Everybody moved very slowly, like in those films you see sometimes. Mother got up slowly and sat down slowly, and forks and knives and spoons moved slowly. Even the flies in the room were slow. It was all so slow I wanted to scream, «Hurry! Oh, please, get up, run around, come on, run!»
But no, I had to sit and wait while father and mother were eating their lunch. And the Screaming Woman was all alone.
«The lunch was very good,» said Dad, when he finished at last.
«Now will you come out to see the Screaming Woman?» I said.
«First a little more iced beer,» said Dad.
«Speaking of screaming women,» said Mother, «Charlie Nesbitt and his wife Helen were fighting again last night.»
«That’s nothing new,» said Father. «They’re always fighting.»
«If you ask me, I don’t like Charlie,» said Mother, «and her, either
«Well, I don’t know,» said Dad. «I think she’s quite nice.»
«Oh, I see. After all, you nearly married her.»
«That’s all in the past.» he said.
«I feel sorrу for Helen. She was sweet. Sweet and kind. But now she is very unhappy. Her husband is a terrible brute.»
«Dad,» I said.
«Yes, Charlie often gets very angry.» said Dad. «Remember when Helen had the lead in our school play? Pretty as a picture. She wrote some songs for it herself. That was the time she wrote that song for me.»
«Ha,» said Mother.
«Don’t laugh. It was a good song.»
«You never told me about that song.»
«It was between Helen and me. Let me sing it to you.»
«Dad,» I said.
«You promised your daughter to go with her to the bombed site,» said Mother, «You can sing me that wonderful song later.»
«O.K, come on,» said Dad, and I ran him out of the house.

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 5 «Silence»

  • put a damp cloth on your forehead – положить мокрое полотенце на лоб
  • I don’t hear anything. – Я ничего не слышу.
  • I heard her screaming. – Я слышала, как она кричала.
  • lie – 1. лежать; 2. лгать

The bombed site was still empty and hot.
«Now, where’s this Screaming Woman?» laughed Dad.
«We forgot the spades,» I cried.
«We’ll get them later, after we hear her,» said Dad.
«Listen,» I said. We listened.
«I don’t hear anything,» said Dad, at last.
«Shh,» I said. «Wait.»
We listened some more. «Hullo there, Screaming Woman!» I cried.
We heard the sun in the sky. We heard the wind in the trees, really quiet. We heard a train, far away. That was all.
«Margaret,» said Father, «You must go home, lie on your bed and put a damp cloth on your forehead.»
«But she was here,» I shouted, «I heard her screaming and screaming and screaming. See here.» I called: «Hey, you down there!»
«Margaret,» said Father, «this is the place where Mr. Kelly dug a big hole yesterday, to bury his rubbish in.»
«You won’t help me dig
“I’m going back home. Don’t be here too long,» said Dad. Dad went away. I heard the back door shut.

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 6 «Lost Labour»

  • Damn! — Черт побери!
  • rest, have a rest — отдыхать
  • I felt like crying. — Мне хотелось плакать.
  • perhaps — возможно
  • Jiminy cricket! — Быть того не может!
  • voice — голос
  • shook his head — покачал головой
  • arms folded — сложив руки
  • He’s the one. -Это ОН.
  • There’s only one thing to do. — Единственное, что остается сделать.
Используем языковую догадку:

Скорее всего, вы уже запомнили подчеркнутые слова. Теперь попробуйте, читая текст, догадаться о значении слов, выделенных оранжевым шрифтом.

I stamped on the ground. «Damn!» I said.
The screaming started again. She screamed and screamed. Maybe she had been tired and was resting and now began it all over again.
I stood on the bombed site in the hot sun and I felt like crying. I ran back to the house and banged the door.
«Dad, she’s screaming again!»
«Yes, yes, of course she is,» said Dad.
I began to cry but Dad paid no attention.
I ran to the shed, got spades and I ran to the bombed site. It was hotter than ever. And I started to dig, and while I dug, the Screaming Woman screamed …

It was hard work. And I knew I would be doing it all afternoon and perhaps I wouldn’t finish in time. What could I do? Run and tell other people? But they’d be like Mum and Dad, pay no attention. I just kept digging, all by myself.
About ten minutes later, Dippy Smith came across the bombed site. He’s my age and goes to my school.
«Hullo, Margaret,» he said.
«Hullo, Dippy!»
«What’re you doing?» he asked.
«What for?»
«I’ve got a Screaming Lady in the ground and I’m digging for her,» I said.
«I don’t hear any screaming,» said Dippy.
«You sit down and wait a while and you’ll hear her scream. Or better, help me dig
«I won’t dig unless I hear a scream,» he said.
He waited. «Listen,» I cried. «Did you HEAR it?»

A scream came out of the ground.
«Jiminy cricket!» said Dippy. «Teach me to do it!»
«If you help dig, I’ll tell you about it, later,» I lied, because I wanted him to help.
«Fine,» he said. «Give me a spade
We both dug together, and from time to time the woman screamed.
«Oh,» said Dippy, «I’m tired. I think I’ll go home and have a rest
«You can’t do that.»
«Who says so?»
«Dippy, there’s something I want to tell you.»
I whispered in his ear, «There’s really a woman buried here.»
«Why, of course there is,» he said. «You told me, Maggie.»
«You don’t believe me, either
«Tell me how you do it your voice and I’ll keep on digging.»
«But I can’t tell you, because I’m not doing it,» I said. «Look, Dippy, I’ll stand over here and you listen there.”
The Screaming Woman screamed again.
«NO!» said Dippy. «But there really IS a woman!»
«That’s what I tried to say.»
«Let’s dig!» said Dippy. We dug for twenty min­utes.
«I wonder who she is?»
«I don’t know.»

Just then heard a voice: «Now, you kids, what do you think you’re doing?»
We turned. It was Mr. Kelly.
«Oh, hullo, Mr. Kelly,» we said.
«Tell you what I want you to do,» said Mr. Kelly «I want you to take, those spades and take that soil and put it all back in that hole you’ve been digging. That’s what I want you to do.»
My heart started beating fast again. I wanted to scream myself.
«But Mr. Kelly, there’s a Screaming Woman and …»
«I’m not interested. I can’t hear a thing.»
«Listen!» I cried. The scream.
Mr. Kelly listened and shook his head. «Can`t hear anything. Go on now, fill it up!»
We filled the hole all back in again. And all the time we filled it in, Mr. Kelly stood there, arms folded, and the woman screamed but Mr. Kelly pretended not to hear it.
When we were finished, Mr. Kelly said, «Go on home now. And if I catch you her again …»
I turned to Dippy. «He’s the one,» I whispered.
«What?» said Dippy.
«He murdered Mrs. Kelly. He buried her here in a box. Why he stood right here and she screamed and he wouldn’t pay any attention.» ‘
«Yes,» said Dippy, «that’s right. He stood right here and lied to us.»
There’s only one thing to do,» I said. «Call the police and they come and arrest Mr. Kelly.”
We ran for the corner telephone box.

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 7 «The Last thing to Do»

  • in the bushes – в кустах
  • I beg your pardon. – Прошу прощения.
  • Sorry to have troubled you.  – Извините, что побеспокоили Вас.
  • blasted kids – проклятые дети
  • We’re really in trouble. – У нас неприятности.
  • his strap – ремень
  • sort of deaf – вроде как глухой
  • There was only one last thing to do. – Оставалось последнее.
  • Is anyone missing from your house? – Никто не пропал из вашего дома?
  • I was just about to give up. – Я готова была сдаться.

The police knocked on Mr. Kelly’s door five minutes later. Dippy and I were hiding in the bushes listening.
«Mr. Kelly?» said the police officer.
«Yes, sir, what can I do for you?»
«Is Mrs. Kelly at home?»
«Yes, sir.»
«May we see her, sir?»
«Of course. Hey, Anna!»
Mrs. Kelly came to the door and looked out. «Yes, sir?»
«I beg your pardon,» said the officer. «We had a report that you were buried out in the bombed site, Mrs. Kelly. Sorry to have troubled you
«It’s those blasted kids,» cried Mr. Kelly angrily.
We both ran.
«What shall we do now?» I said.
«I’ve got to go home,» said Dippy. «Gosh, we’re really in trouble
«But what about the Screaming Woman?»
«Forget about her,» said Dippy. «We can’t go there again. Old man Kelly will be waiting around with >his strap. And I just remem­bered, Maggie, old man Kelly is sort of deaf
«Oh, my,» I said. «No wonder he didn’t hear the screams.»
«So long,» said Dippy. «I’ll be seeing you.»
I was left all alone in the world, no one to help me, no one to believe me at all. There was only one last thing to do, and I did it.

I went from house to house, all down the road. And I rang every bell and when the door opened I said: «Excuse me, Mrs. Griswold, but is anyone missing from your house
It was getting late. I kept thinking, oh, there’s only so little air in that box with that woman under the earth, and if I don’t hurry, she’ll suffocate! So I rang bells and knocked on doors, and it got late, and I was just about to give up and go home, when I knocked on the last door, which was the door of Mr. Charlie Nesbitt, who lives next to us. I kept knocking and knocking.

* * *

Ray Bradbury. The Screaming Woman. Part 8 «The End»

  • be calm – быть спокойной
  • be casual – казаться небрежным
  • It was all over. – Все было кончено.
  • hardly – едва
  • “I loved you fair, I loved you well.” – «Я любила тебя, наша любовь была прекрасна.»
  • «Last one there’s a monkey.» – Кто быстрее?

Рэй Брэдбери. Короткие рассказы на английском языкеMr. Nesbitt opened the door.
«Oh,» he said. «It’s you, Margaret.»
«Yes,» I said. «Good afternoon.»
«What can I do for you?» he said.
«Well, I thought I would like to see your wife, Mrs. Nesbitt,» I said.
«Oh,» he said.
«May I?»
«Well, she’s gone out to the shops,» he said.
«I’ll wait,» I said, and came in.
I sat down in a chair. «It’s a hot day,» I said, trying to be calm, thinking about the bombed site and air going out of the box, and the screams getting weaker and weaker.
«Listen,» said Charlie, coming to me. –“My wife won’t be back,» he said.
«But Mr. Nesbitt,» I said, «why not?»
«Not today, that is. She’s gone to the shops, as I said, but —but then she’s going to visit her mother. She’ll be back in two or three days, perhaps a week.»
«I wanted to tell her something.»
«I just wanted to tell her there’s a woman buried in the bombed site, screaming.»
Mr. Nesbitt dropped his cigarette.
«You’ve dropped your cigarette, Mr. Nesbitt,»
«Have I? Oh, yes.» he said.
«It’s a real woman.»
«How do you know it is?»
«I heard her.»
«Margaret, did you — er — did you say anything about this to anyone?»-he said, lighting another cigarette. He tried to be casual.
«Yes. I told lots of people»
Mr. Nesbitt burnt his hand on the match.
«Anybody doing anything about it?» he asked.
«No,» I said. «They won’t believe me.» He smiled. «Of course not. You’re only a kid. Why should they listen to you?»
«I must go now,» I said.
«Stay with me a bit,» he insisted.
«Thanks, but no,» I said.
He took my arm. «Know how to play cards?”
He took out a pack of cards from a desk. «We’ll have a game.»
«I`ve got to go and dig.»
«A lot of time for that,» he said quietly. «Anyway, perhaps my wife will come home. You wait for her. Wait for a while.»
«YOU think she will?»
«Of course. Er—about that voice—is it very strong?”
“It gets weaker all the time.»
Mr. Nesbitt smiled. «You and your childish games. Here now, let’s play cards? — it’s more fun than screaming women.
«I must go. It’s late.»
«Stay a bit.» I knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to keep me in his house until the screaming had stopped. He was trying to keep, me from helping her. «My wife will be home in ten minutes, he said. «You wait. You sit where you are.’

We played cards. The clock ticked. The sun went down the sky. It was getting late. The screaming got weaker and weaker in my mind. «I’ve got to go”, I said.
«Another game,» said Mr. Nesbitt. «Wait another hour. My wife won’t be long. Just wait.»
In another hour he looked at his watch. «Well, I think you can go now.Good-bye, Margaret.» He let me go, because he thought that by now the air must all be gone from the box. The door shut in my face.
I went back near the bombed site. What could I do? Tell my father and mother? But they didn’t believe me. Nobody would believe me!

I ran over to the place where the screaming had been and just stood there. The screaming had stopped, it was so quiet. It was all over. It was too late, I thought. I put my ear against the ground.
And then I heard it, way down, way deep, and weak. I could hardly hear it. The woman wasn`t screaming any more. She was singing. Something about “I loved you fair, I loved you well.”
It was a sort of sad song. Very quiet. All of those hours down under the ground in that box must have made her crazy. She just kept singing, not wanting to scream any more, just singing.
I listened to the song. Then I went home. I opened the front door. «Father,» I said. «So there you are!» he cried.
«Father,» I said. «She’s not screaming anymore.»
«Don’t talk about her!»
«She’s singing now,» I cried.
«You’re not telling the truth!»
«Dad,» I said, «She’s singing, and this is what she’s singing.» I sang a few of the words— «I loved you fair, I loved you well…»

Dad’s face grew pale. He came and took my arm.
«What did you say?» he said.
I sang it again, «I loved you fair, I loved you well.»
«Where did you hear that song?» he shouted.
«Out in the bombed site, just now.»
«But that’s Helen’s song, the song she wrote, years ago for me.» cried Father. «You can’t know it. Nobody knew it, only Helen and me. I never sang it to anyone, not to you or anyone. Oh, my God!» cried Father, and ran out of the door to get a spade.

The last I saw of him he was on the bombed site, digging, and lots of other people with him, digging. I felt so happy I wanted to cry.
I dialed a number on the phone and when Dippy answered. I said, «Hullo, Dippy. Everything’s fine. Everything’s all right. The Screaming Woman isn’t screaming anymore.»
«Great,» said Dippy.
“I`ll meet you on the bombed site with a spade in two minutes,» I said. «Last one there’s a monkey. So long!» cried Dippy.
“So long, Dippy!» I said, and ran.

The End

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      Спасибо за отзыв! Успехов Вам в изучении английского языка:))

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    Очень интересно, я — учитель английского языка, занимаюсь с мальчиком на каникулах дистанционно английским, очень удобно читать и есть лексические единицы для заучивания…

    • admin says:

      Очень приятно, спасибо! Я и делала этот сайт в расчете на то, что его материалы можно будет использовать как домашнее чтение для школьников и старшеклассников. Мне особенно важен Ваш отзыв, как преподавателя) Буду очень признательна, если Вы порекомендуете сайт своим коллегам. К сожалению, пока мало кто знает о нашем проекте… Еще раз спасибо))

    • Викуся says:

      советую ваш сайт многим, спасибо оч хороший сайт , доступные рассказы. мне нравится

    • The Hostess says:

      Спасибо! Хотелось бы чтобы об этом сайте узнало больше людей!

  7. Татьяна says:

    Миссис Несбит не выжила. Поэтому ее слышали только дети, более чувствительные к паранормальным явлениям, а взрослые нет. Бредбери писал научную фантастику, а не детективы

    • admin says:

      Спасибо, Вы совершенно верно подметили!

  8. Олька says:

    Прекрасный сайт!
    Хорошо проработан текст) всё по полочкам, всё понятно)
    жаль миссис Несбит(( и почему детям никогда не верят? это больше всего обидно, когда ты сам ребенок.

    • The Hostess says:

      Я очень рада, что Вам нравится сайт и еще больше, что Вы читаете истории на английском языке! У нас еще много ОЧЕНЬ интересных историй для Вас и Ваших друзей)))

  9. Дмитрий ким says:

    ..офигеть я дурак и не понял. Все думал почему она сказала диппи что женщина больше не кричит а вот оно что они слышали неотомщенный дух

  10. Денис says:

    Спасибо, было очень интересно почитать! Хотелось бы, конечно, побольше других фантастических рассказов, не только Брэдбери. Интересно почитать Эдгара По, Айзека Азимова, Филипа Дика, Говарда Лавкрафта, и других классиков фантастической литературы.

    Спасибо за Ваш труд!

  11. tunaev says:

    The Hostess-это адаптированный текст?

    • Tatiana says:

      Да, adapted означает адаптированный.

  12. Николай says:

    А можно ли узнать, кем он адаптированный? Вот это «I haven’t any brothers or sisters» выглядит как популярная ошибка советской школы. Возможно, есть и другие в тексте — опасно становится читать, глаз привыкнет и стану тоже такие ошибки делать…

    • Tatiana says:

      Это авторский текст Рэй Брэдбери. Вы можете найти оригинальный неадаптированный рассказ, и найдете такую же строчку. Она в самом начале. Anyway, thanks for your question!

  13. Константин says:

    «Jiminy cricket!» said Dippy. «Teach me to do it!»
    Вроде бы идёт речь о чревовещании.Я так понимаю сверчок из «Пинокио»,который является совестью, внутренним голосом,тем голосом который человек создаёт сам, по мнению Ивана Карамазова.
    Спасибо за разницу either и too ,это очень помогает .А то уже такая каша в голове.

  14. Вугар Г. says:

    Большое спасибо за Ваши труды!!! Я сам профессиональный переводчик и давно искал такой ресурс для своей дочки. 😉 Нам очень понравился именно этот рассказ — завораживающий сюжет (кстати, ни в оригинале, ни в переводе я этот рассказ Брэдбери не читал) и удобоусваиваемый текст.

    • Tatiana says:

      Я рада услышать мнение профессионального переводчика! Спасибо:)

  15. Александр says:

    Рассказ понравился,сам по себе не большой и очень прост в понимании и переводе,с моим то скудным запасом английского я практически всё понял и без переводчика).Спасибо за ваши труды.

    • Tatiana says:

      Спасибо Вам большое за отзыв!

  16. Гулия says:

    Thank you very much! I like English this is a very interesting.

  17. дана says:

    Спасибо! Текст очень интересный! К тому же легкий!

    • Tatiana says:

      Спасибо за отзыв, Дана! А какой у Вас уровень?

  18. Михаил says:

    Спасибо вам большое, очень рад что нашел Ваш сайт!

    • Tatiana says:

      Михаил, читайте и изучайте английский язык с удовольствием)

  19. Алексей says:

    Стойкое ощущение, что прочитал Кинга, а не Бредбери.

  20. Aleksei says:

    Уважаемая Татьяна!
    Спасибо за Ваш неоценимый труд.
    Я на сайте совсем недавно, но уже основательно «подсел».
    Очень полезно и интересно, а этот увлекательный рассказ читается на одном дыхании, достаточно иметь средненький уровень.

    С уважением,

    • Tatiana says:

      Алексей, очень приятно, что Вам нравятся мои любимые рассказы на английском языке и, конечно, сайт englishstory! Я старалась и рада, что и на среднем уровне знания английского языка они уже доставляют удовольствие))

  21. Thank you for the interesting story! Iwould like more detailed end.I’ll start reading next story!

    • Tatiana says:

      Thank you, Svetlana! Enjoy reading)

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