Russian Poetry. Winter Lyrics (in English). The Birch-Tree by Sergey Esenin

Winter Lyrics (in English). The Birch-TreeDear readers! Now it is winter in Russia. It is so dull in the city. But in the country all is white! I enjoy the sparkling snow, the fluffy trees and our Russian winter! Enjoy the birch-tree in the picture. This charming picture doesn’t belong to me. To be honest, I don’t know who has drawn it, maybe a child. So, I don’t know who I must thank. When I found it, I became inspired.

You will find the poem «The Birch-Tree» by the greatest Russian poet Sergey Esenin (in Russian and in English). 

The Birch-Tree (translation into English)

Just in front of my window
Stands a birch-tree white
All covered with snow
Glimmering silver bright.

The snow on its branches
Sparkles all around
Pretty tassels dangling.
Silence. Not a sound.

And the birch-tree slumbers
Standing all alone.
And the snow glimmers
In the golden glow…

Of dawn drawing near,
Going on its rounds.
And the snow’s falling
On the fluffy boughs.

Translated into English by T. Nabeeva. I would like to thank my English teacher, Paul Hale, for correcting some lines. ©

All copies are allowed only providing an ACTIVE link to the website

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The Original Poem written by Sergey Esenin (in Russian, 1913)

Белая Береза

Белая береза
Под моим окном
Принакрылась снегом,
Точно серебром.

На пушистых ветках
Снежною каймой
Распустились кисти
Белой бахромой.

И стоит береза
В сонной тишине,
И горят снежинки
В золотом огне.

А заря, лениво
Обходя кругом,
Обсыпает ветки
Новым серебром.

Сергей Есенин

* * *

Video on the poem «The Birch Tree» by Sergey Esenin

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